Canson NAMTA Follow-Up from Kevin Morrison

Make a color statement in your store! To celebrate the introduction of the Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Series (formerly known as Van Gogh Acrylic), a new merchandising system has been designed to accent the features of this vibrant 70-color student range. This new merchandiser has a very sleek and clean look that allows color to take center stage. The ultra-clear tubes let the intensity of the individual colors show through. After all, you’re not selling tubes, you’re selling color!

New to the range this year are hanging 250ml Amsterdam acrylic tubes, large 500ml and 1000ml jars, Amsterdam acrylic mediums and painting nozzles. The addition of these new items makes Amsterdam a versatile, extensive and complete range of student acrylic color. If you have not already done so, now is a great time to upgrade to the complete range of 70 colors. In most fine art retail stores, student acrylics boast the highest unit sales of any other paint category, yet offer the fewest color choices for consumers. Many consumers benefit from a larger range of colors as they may not know how to mix paint or prefer to paint straight from the tube. Royal Talens was the first to acknowledge that these consumers want more color choices and the Amsterdam acrylic range offers quality, price and a large selection of color.

If you want to make a statement that says “I sell artist color”, consider adding the Amsterdam Tower Assortment to your store. This impressive, eye-catching tower of color contains both 75ml and 250ml tubes and makes quite a powerful statement when placed in a prominent location in your store. Right now you can purchase the Amsterdam Tower assortment for only $515.00 net drop ship with free freight. In addition you can add full cartons of any other Canson, Talens or Arches brand items to receive standard drop ship discounts. Ask your MacPherson’s sales representative how Amsterdam acrylics can make an impact on your sales.

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