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New Rembrandt/Talens MAP Policy

Monday, December 29th, 2014

A letter from Kyle Richardson, North American Business Manager –
Royal Talens/Bruynzeel Canson Inc.:

Dear Art Material Retailers

I am happy to announce that we have been successful in creating a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy on Rembrandt Oils, Pastels and Watercolors, that will be implemented effective Jan 1, 2015. This will help keep the advertised pricing of this premier range in line with the brand positioning as it is intended, and it will allow you as retailers to sell the product at a healthier margin, both every day and on seasonal promotions.

Below are the seasonal periods and the corresponding MAP guidelines for appropriate discounts. We will be supporting these with discounts on these products through our trade level seasonal promotional activities.


Products MAP MAP
  Everyday Price Promotional Price
Rembrandt Oil Color List less 25% List less 40%
Rembrandt Soft Pastel List less 25% List less 40%
Rembrandt Watercolors List less 25% List less 40%

Promotional Periods

Promotional Periods — the times when Promotional Prices may be charged — are listed below. Canson reserves the right to change Promotional Periods as it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion.

Winter BTS: January-Feb Open stock/sets 40% off
Spring: March– May Open stock/sets 40% off
Fall BTS August–Sept Open stock/sets 40% off
Holiday: Nov– Dec Sets only 40% off

This new policy, coupled with the Spring 2015 Early Bird pre-book program for Rembrandt products this year, and our regular seasonal promotional schedule, will allow you to get strong value and provide support to these products. This will be the first time Rembrandt pastels, the market leader, have been promoted in open stock! Along with the new product innovation for Rembrandt – the 15 new dark shades in pastels, new colors in Rembrandt oils, all new packaging which shows more color, simplifies and brightens the displays, it’s an exciting time for the range. We’ve shaken the dust off this wonderful brand and moved it into the 21st century. We thank all of you who support these proudly crafted Dutch products.

For detailed information regarding this policy, please follow this link. MAP Policies

Thank you again for your support!

Kyle Richardson

North American Business Manager – Royal Talens/Bruynzeel

Canson Inc.

Rembrandt Pro Choice Crafted 1899 logo White

Industry News

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

ogorzalyEd Ogorzaly, the President of Blick’s Retail, is relinquishing his position after serving the past 18 years in various leadership roles to become an advisor to the Board of Directors and CEO Bob BuchsbaumEd led the acquisition and integration of five businesses, including the most dominant competitors, the Art Store and Utrecht, positioning Blick as the number one direct art supplier in the nation. Wishing you all the best, Ed as you pursue your next senior leadership challenge.

novoaAt Aaron Brothers, Alvaro Novoa has been promoted to Category Manager, Art Supplies reporting to Amy Djerff.  Novoa moves over from Aaron Brothers parent company Michaels which he joined in 2011 as a Private Brand Manager responsible for product development, sourcing, and building product assortments through vendor partnerships. Reporting to Alvaro will be Karen Fox. 

Manny’s Art Supplies in New Paltz, NY was selected BEST ART & CRAFT STORE in the Hudson Valley by the readers of the local Hudson Valley Magazine


ColArt announced recently that it has signed a distribution agreement with Munksjö Arches SAS, to become a distributor of Munksjö’s Fine Art Paper, with the famous brand Arches®, starting January 1st 2015. Munksjö Oyj is a world-leading specialty paper company, with head office in Sweden. It has been reported that ColArt will share the distribution of Arches in the USA with Canson until the end of 2016 at which time ColArt will become the sole global distributor for Munksjö’s Fine Art Paper.


Arches Paper Mill, Annonay, France

Sam Flax‘s 10,082-square-foot Midtown headquarters is closing its doors after 95 years in business. Eastern European immigrant Sam Flax opened the first eponymous shop in New York City before his clan opened stores elsewhere in the country. In 2003, his sons sold the two New York stores to Mark Honigsfeld. Six years later, the Sam Flax at 3 West 20th Street between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas shuttered. Sam Flax in New York is not affiliated with the Orlando and Atlanta stores of the same name.

samflax closing

A jubilant Angelina Jolie Takes Her Army Of Kids Shopping For Art Supplies at Lee’s Art Shop in NYC.


Reuel’s of Salt Lake City has announced that it will be closing down both retail and wholesale operations. Widow of the founder Dorothy Ware is quoted as saying, “It will be sold over the course of December and the stores will close on Dec. 24,” though the company’s wholesale operation may remain open for another month.” Read the whole story here.

jerryzootaWith sadness we report the passing Jerry Zoota, the owner of Artist Palette a local framing and art supplies store in Novato, CA on November 17th after a long battle with illness.

A new mural called, “A New Purpose” by artist PUSH, was finished September 2014 in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles. The work was crafted using Montana Gold spray paint to bring graffiti art, which is exploding in the Arts District, into the adjacent neighborhood of Little Tokyo. PUSH’s vision brings a contemporary, abstract vision to the streets of Los Angeles.

Looking for media content to add to your store’s Facebook page? The Color Wheel Company is known for a creative approach to understanding color. In addition to traditional color wheels, they offer an assortment of unique color theory tools to meet every type of artist’s needs. Their latest offering comes from artist and color theorist Dee Solin. 

Strathmore Artist Newsletter

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Fall Newsletter masthead

Strathmore Artist Papers™ is continually striving to engage customers with their products and in the bountiful world of art. Along with their many social media outlets, online workshop series, art blog, and growing video library, Strathmore also offers a quarterly newsletter.

JRise BioEach Artist Newsletter features a section written by a spotlight artist. The featured artists come from all different backgrounds, where they share their perspectives on techniques, materials, inspiration, and their personal passion for art. Samples of the artists’ work are also featured, along with a bit of history on where their life journey has taken them. Artists featured in the newsletter cross a variety of different skill sets and medium preferences, and offer a unique look into the minds of many different talented artists.

image001Another feature of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter, is that there is a dedicated section to answering “Questions From Our Website”. Strathmore gets many frequently asked questions, and the newsletter is a great place to learn more about surfaces, materials, technical paper information and Strathmore in general.

Each issue contains a specific product feature. Usually it’s focused on a new product. It’s a helpful way to get in-depth product information and be mindful of what’s new.

John_Rise_15Last, but certainly not least, the newsletter also informs consumers of upcoming events, and other exciting news from Strathmore. The newsletter is helpful in communicating activities such as their card art contest, and also generating consumer awareness on new products.

All of the recipients of the Strathmore Artist Newsletter have subscribed voluntarily to receive the information via email. If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to subscribe to the Strathmore Artist Newsletter! However, anyone can view the newsletter on our website at: Strathmore Artist Newsletter without subscribing. Older versions of the newsletter are kept in our archives, and can also be accessed through Strathmore’s website.

Retailers can utilize Strathmore’s Artist Newsletter by sharing content online and through social media, learning more about Strathmore and our products by reading the “Questions From Our Website” section, and by utilizing this as a tool to understand the perspective of artists and end users. As a bonus, it can also be used as another tool to stay in the loop with the latest news from Strathmore!

Derwent Metallics Shine!

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Glowing colors ideal for year round crafts

Derwent Metallic pencils are perfect for all sorts of arts and craft projects. These highly reflective colors really ‘pop’ when you use them on a black or colored background. They’re water-soluble too so you can have great fun experimenting with interesting wash effects or create iridescence effects on insects wings and fish scales in your color pencil work.

Metallic Pencil

Derwent Metallic come in 12 shimmering colors, are hexagonal and have a wide color strip inside the pencil. Available in a tin of 12, or open stock .  Derwent Metallic Pencils


Use on Derwent’s Black Pads to make the colors really shine. Each pad contains 20 sheets of acid-free, heavy (135lbs), black paper, available in 3 sizes: 6” x 8”/ 8” x 12”/ 12” x 16”.

Derwent Black Sketch Pads

A4 Black Book sml