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January 2010 Sanford Art Dog Stuff

Monday, January 11th, 2010

•  The SA1760259 Illustration Marker Conversion Kits are now in the MacPherson’s distribution centers. The kit will allow a dealer to convert the Prismacolor Fine Line and/or Brush Tip and Chisel Tip Marker displays in to a single display that contains the entire range of the Fine Line, Brush tip and Chisel Tip Illustration Marker Line. This kit does not come with product. Please consult your MacPherson’s representative to order the additional product needed to complete your display conversion.

1762670-new-verithin-and-col-erase-display1762222-new-prismacolor-watercolor-pencil-display•  Prismacolor has two new displays. The Watercolor pencil and Verithin/Col-Erase displays have been upgraded and are now part of the Universal Display line.

•  The ZSA1762222 replaces the ZSA4067. There is no change to the assortment contents. The new display measures 12.5” W x 9.5” D x 14.5” H. The display graphics will match the new graphics you see on Prismacolor’s retail packaging. The communication aspects of Prismacolor’s graphics now better communicate the usage of the pencils, either wet or dry.

•  The ZSA1762670 replaces the ZSA21011D. This is the Verithin/Col-Erase Display. The display graphics include improved communication as to the unique aspects of the two different types of pencils contained in the display. The graphics on the display are also consistent with the graphics found on Prismacolor’s new set packing for Verithin and Col-Erase. The new display measures 12.5” W x 9.5” D x 25.125” H. While no new items have been added to the display contents, there are now extra slots in order to have multiple facings of high turning colors. Your MacPherson’s representative will have the details.

•  There is also a change to the ZSA77782 Drawing and Sketching Display assortment. Prismacolor replaced some discontinued Water Soluble, Woodless Graphite and White Charcoal pencils with additional facings on the following Turquoise pencils; H, HB, 2B, 2H, 4B, 4H, 6B and 6H. Those dealers with the ZSA77782 currently in store need only request a new merchandise kit. You can do this via your MacPherson’s representative.

Elmer’s Products Winter BTS Promotions

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Don’t forget all of the “hot” specials Elmer’s Products currently is promoting, including the following “extra” discounts on top of already great prices:

•  10-12% off select Project Display Boards
•  15-17% off select Bienfang Pads
•  10-12% off select Conté products. Don’t forget the new Conté Set Rack available now!clip_image002-1
•  10% off select Adhesive products

Check for the complete details.

Elmer’s Takes off the Gloves with an All New Glue-All!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Take a peek into the inner workings of the major relaunch  for 2010 of the All American Classic,  Elmer’s Glue-All! We’ll have more info on availability soon.

Elmer’s Glue-All Research Learnings
•  73% of consumers are specifically aware of Elmer’s Glue-All brand.
•  38% of consumers state EGA is the ONE brand of multi-purpose household glue they purchase most often.
•  When purchasing glue, having a Strong Bond is the most important attribute, followed by drying clear,  drying fast and use on a variety of materials.
•  62% of consumers  Agree that “Elmer’s Glue-All is the glue to have around the house.”
•  Top 3 uses for household multi-purpose white glue are: School Projects (51%), Arts & Crafts (53%) and Indoor Repair (41%).
•  When shopping for household multi-purpose white glue, consumers expect to find it in Hardware (30%), Stationery (33%), Arts & craft section of store (36%), and BTS seasonal section (38%)
•  63% have purchased a multi-purpose white glue during BTS season for use at home throughout the rest of the year.

Source: Glue Awareness, Perceptions, and New Concept Test. August 2009

New Elmer’s Glue-All®!!
•  New stronger formula!
•  Dries Fast
•  Works on a variety of materials
– Paper
– Wood
– Fabric
– Ceramic
– Leather
and more!
•       69% Top 2 Box Concept Score!

Safe & Non-Toxic

New & Improved Elmer’s Glue-All Product Performance
•  New stronger formula has significantly better wood fiber tear than the current Glue-All formulation.

New Improved Elmer’s Glue All

New Improved Elmer’s Glue All

Current Elmer’s Glue All

Current Elmer’s Glue All

Higher Solid Content Makes New Elmer’s Glue-All® Stronger!

•  New Elmer’s Glue-All® has more solids than the current Glue-All.
It also has nearly 2 times more solids than Elmer’s School Glue.
Source: D905 Compression Shear Strength testing on wood.

New Improved Elmer’s Glue-All Has Greater Strength!

New Improved Elmer’s Glue-All Has Greater Strength!

D905 Compression Sheer Strength. Tested on wood. Measures PSI.

Elmer’s Glue-All Re-Launch

Sourcing Plan and Launch Timing
New, improved Elmer’s Glue-All will be 100% produced at the Elmer’s Statesville facility for year 1!
•  Provides greatest control of quality
•  Create price differentiation between School Glue and Glue-All
– Further communications product performance difference
– Provides retailer with improved margin opportunity

Public Relations
•  Multiple waves of consumer messaging
– Every house needs Glue-All
– Do-All Mom – Mother’s Day
– Dad’s Survival Kit
– Fall Fix-It
•  Tactics include:
– Standard Press Releases
– Focus on Social Media and Blogs
– Creation of 100 uses videos – website/YouTube placement

Focus on Social Media and Blogs

Focus on Social Media and Blogs


A New Standard for White Glue
•  New white glue formula containing more solids for more strength, while maintaining the integrity of a white glue
•  Clearly distinguishes Glue-All from School Glue by improving packaging and running a strong media campaign
•  Generates higher ring $ at retail with a higher price and new promotion strategy
•  Builds profitability during BTS by not using Glue-All as a loss leader
•  Communicate the change to the shopper with a TV media campaign and in-store marketing:

Strathmore: VOTE for Your Favorite Green Art

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Cast your vote for the winner of the Strathmore illustration contest!  The semi-finalists have been chosen for the How Do You See Green Illustration Contest?! Vote online for your favorite entries and give an artist the chance to have their original artwork featured on the cover of the special edition Strathmore Premium Recycled Pads. One of the semi-finalists might be your customer.  Show your support by voting now at Vote Your Favorite Now!


Industry News

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Sad news for Pearl and its employees:  Pearl Paint will be closing eight stores. They are Atlanta; Rockville, MD; Chicago; Philadelphia; Tampa; Selden, NY;  Falls Church, VA; and San Francisco. These stores will remain open at least until the end of January. In related news Pearl’s Executive Vice President, Keith Serra has left the company.


Long time and respected buyer Linda Canterberry with University Supply Store in Tuscaloosa AL has retired.

It is with great sadness we report the recent passing of John Jonker, president of Demco, Mfg. in Montreal, Canada. He was an industry pioneer and was internationally respected. Demco is the largest student, and artist, art materials manufacturer in Canada.

General Pencil will be featured on the Discovery channel this week. Be sure to check it out as the episode will show how pencils are made at the General Pencil New Jersey factory! Please see the details below:
“Factory Made”, airing: This Wednesday, January 13th at 12:30pm PST/ EST and 11:30am CST. Check out The Discovery Channel website to see the episode details:   Discovery Channel (Episode 6)


blick-logoBlick Art’s website is proclaiming new retail locations “coming soon” as follows:

New Stores Coming Soon!
• Cambridge, MA
• Northern New Jersey
• Seattle, WA
• Washington, DC area
• Western Long Island, NY

Check it out- Blick Stores

Chroma Atelier Interactive DVD Offer

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Free DVDs for Interactive!
There has never been a better time to try Atelier Interactive!  With the purchase of any 6 Atelier Interactive 80ml tubes, artists can receive  2 Free Instructional DVDs and a Fine Mist Water Sprayer, a value of $30!  Using Atelier Interactive with Mitch Waite offers a series of four 30-minute programs on composition, perspective, tonal values and color, while Using Atelier Mediums explores the most common ways to incorporate painting mediums with Atelier Interactive.  These videos will help artists learn ways to incorporate conventional acrylic painting techniques and wet-in-wet blending. Contact Chroma directly at 800-257-8278 to receive your free kits containing DVDs, water sprayers, a poster, literature and flyers to inform your customers of this promotion. End-users can get their free DVD kit and mist sprayer directly from the store or call Chroma to request them. The promotion is in effect through Spring.

Interactive DVD Kit.indd

NAMTA Announces New “Business Innovation Award”

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

60th-logo_for_web1NAMTA has announced the creation of a new annual award within the art materials industry, called the “Business Innovation Awards”  cosponsored by NAMTA, American Artist magazine and Hart Business Research, the same sponsors of the recently completed Artists & Art Materials USA 2009 market study. The objective of the award is to recognize individuals and businesses that innovate in the art materials industry, encourage use of the new industry study, and generate thought-provoking and useful case studies for the entire industry.

The award winners and runners-up will be recognized at a keynote presentation at the 2010 NAMTA show. There are two award categories, suppliers and retailers. Each category will have a winner and two runners-up. American Artist magazine has generously agreed to provide prizes to the winners: a one-year complete advertising package from American Artist magazine (value $7,500) for the supplier winner and a $1,000 cash award and one-year’s full single-store inventory of American Artist magazines and books for the retailer winner. In addition, winners and runners-up will receive award plaques and recognition at the NAMTA show and in NAMTA publications.

Any current retailer or supplier member of the International Art Materials Trade Association-NAMTA may apply. Businesses may submit multiple applications as long as each application is for a different business innovation. Businesses may only enter for their own innovations. Businesses must have undertaken the innovation after October 1, 2009 and before March 15, 2010.

Examples of Business Innovations
– New product offered (supplier) or carried (retailer)
– New service (retailer) – framing, classes, gift wrapping, etc.
– Retail or online store makeover
– Supplier program to support retailers
– Marketing initiative to attract new group of customers
– Launch of e-newsletter, print newsletter, Web site, etc.
– Employee training program
– New business opened, business acquired, business partnership
– Improvement in terms with suppliers
– Special event for customers or partners
– Community initiatives to expand art participation

For application instructions, Click Here. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on March 15, 2010.

Check Out the New Look!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

We’ve heard that you think our Website is already the best in the business, but that hasn’t stopped us from working for nearly a year to make it even better. Take a look, run it through its paces, and tell us what you think!