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NAMTA 2015 Wrap Up

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

From members of the stellar MacPherson’s Category Managers/Buyers and Sales team, here’s a compilation of exciting new products that were shown at this years Show.

It's a Wrap!

It’s a Wrap!

  • Lineco – “Design by Me” new handmade book kits- about $12 retail, the covers are blank, so the opportunity for an end-cap with kits and other “ surface” decorating products could be a big Chain/Key account and B&M store endcap. In addition we are looking into their new frame supply basics. These are for the do it yourself artist or photographer who only has a few items to be mounted and or framed.
  • arnhem Speedball – NEW 24 inch block printing and silk screening merchandising displays – bring in orders and an opportunity to review the printmaking/silkscreen category. Akua Inks – dealers asking If MacPherson’s will stock the Akua printing plates, the bag of Mesh and the applicator pack? We are waiting for a bit more feedback from you!
  • Also new at Speedball are aluminum frames, scoop coaters and squeegees for silk screening. Speedball is now selling Arnhem printmaking paper. This mill in Holland dates back to 1618! In stock Now!
  • Speedball – With a heritage rooted in fine pen-making that began in 1899 Speedball is introducing great new on trend calligraphy kits. We will be stocking the Complete Calligraphy kit at $29.99 and we will set up the Collectors set as a special order at $59.99.
  • Savoir Faire – new “Abstractacrylic available in 4 oz. pouches, not tubes! It looks great!– a 4 oz. acrylic in “squeeze bags“ as a on price point of $7.99 – merchandised in Urban Art Category.
  • gd968-0Golden – Two A-Z acrylic kits-#GD963-0 & GD962-0, received a thumbs up from dealers, as well as the High flow Nib#GD968-0 pack that screws on Golden Fluids 4 oz bottles and the High Flow MOP set #GD967-0 (On order, in by June 1!)
  • Saw the trend of Calligraphy/Lettering/Writing throughout the show with Strathmore writing pads/journals/stationery, inks, Holbein’s Tachikawa and Nikko Japanese drawing nibs, FW 20 inks #DA160300005, smaller best seller display, Artbin Magnetic blade and nib case, Yasutomo Metallic Chinese inks in Golden black and Silver black. (we are reviewing and looking for feedback)
  • Daler Rowney –  new Georgian Water Mixable oil color range and Georgian Oil and Mediums bestseller display in 225ml tubes were a big hit. Displays look great and retailers will be asking for MacPherson’s refills. Daler announced a smaller 20 ink best-seller version of their FW Ink assortmen.
  • Daylight lamps – Sure to be winners in the BTS and Holiday seasons are the new Smart lamps UN1310 and UN1325, UN1327, LED under $100. (we are reviewing and looking for feedback)
  • Sakura – New Zentangle sets – ALL good line extensions. On order, in by June 1!


  • Global ArtsArt Graf Water Soluble kneadable graphite- AMAZING! lots of dealer interest. Available July.  New Art Graf set of 6 tailor shaped discs, earth tone colors of water soluble graphite in a cork box and open stock color. New colors added to their successful range of canvas pencil cases, chocolate, olive and denim. Pastel Premiere sanded paper, comes in 3 colors and grits, unique 100% cotton archival quality sanded pastel paper that is double primed with an exclusively made oxide coating. Available now.
  • Jacquard – has introduced a full line of Cyanotype products, including open stock chemistry, a chemistry set and pre-treated fabrics. Cyanotype is an antique photographic process producing Prussian blue monochromatic prints (blueprints). It works similarly to SolarFast in that it is activated by the sun. With the pre-treated cyanotype fabrics you remove the fabric sheets from the package and expose to sunlight, placing objects or film on top to create an image. Exposures are short and then you just have to dip the fabric in water. The “Mural Sheet,” which is 5′ x 7′.is great for classrooms and parties. Several people can lie down across the fabric while exposing to sunlight to make full body prints! They introduced Jeanie Denim Dye in 11 colors. This is jean/denim dye in a dissolvable packet which you drop into your washer with your jeans. Jacquard is trying to target a new audience with Jeanie—the everyday customers opposed to the initiated dyer. For this reason, Jacquard is recommending Jeanie be positioned in stores differently than their other fabric dyes—near the register with impulse items or in the gift section, for instance. (we are reviewing and looking for feedback)
  • Crafter Workshop – new stencil styles – we are in the process of reviewing and refreshing our selection.
  • ColArt – has introduced a new pigmented marker line under the Winsor & Newton brand. This has a full color range as well as a humongous spinner rack. The marker has a slight alcohol scent but is the first art marker line to contain fully pigmented ink. Incredibly there are 120 colors plus clear and white blenders. The spinner comes with the rebranded ProMarkers and BrushMarkers now under the W&N brand. Available September . Great launch offer If you purchase the new PigmentMarker complete range you will receive the display rack, the ProMarker and BrushMarker collections for free.
  • Liquitex –  introduced a new Intemixability end cap assortment. Offers quick access to all the Liquitex ranges and mediums.
liquitex intermixability set

liquitex intermixability set

  • Strathmore – showed beautiful new Writing Paper (sheets, pads and envelopes) line. The paper itself contains 25% cotton and is available with non-photo blue lines or blank. (On order, in by July 1!) See this Art Dog’s Strathmore posting for details.
  • Pacon – Creative Cut Ups –Paper centric hands on products that encourage creativity, imagination and open ended play for kids. Each pack contains 7-10 projects. Made from recyclable materials. Available June.
  • Canson – upgraded the look of their XL pad line. The covers are brighter colors and have a velvet finish to them. They have also introduced a new Plein Air pad line. These thick pads containing Canson’s Art Boards cut to size are available in Watercolor, Canvas or Illustration Board varieties. (On order, in by July 1!)
  • Gamblin – expanded family of Solvent-Free Painting materials featuring safflower mediums is a sure-fire winner and the ever popular solvent free gel is now available in a 37ml 9 tube counter display. Their 1980 oils is also expanding with an Introductory set with over $85 worth of product included selling for just $54.95.
  • MediumW_Gruppe_01_40041b625dChartpak –  two new Schmincke items. One is a new oil painting medium called Medium “W”. It can be mixed with oil paint to convert it to water based. (On order, in by July 1!) Schmincke also has a new offering of traditional bronzing powders. These are real metallic particles and incredibly brilliant! (we are reviewing and looking for feedback) New lead holders in both a clutch version and auto-advance, in multiple sizes with a possible assortment. Awaiting vendor set up information.
  • MacPherson’s booth not only showcased the new Kinsho Photo Album (On order, due in July!) line but a new double-sided easel from MABEF (with casters), updated racks for Stabilo’s Point 88 pens and CarbOthello pencils, and the new RGM colored handled painting knives called, you guessed it “Colors”! (On order, due in June!). Also from Montana Cans, 15 new highly anticipated transparent colors in the Montana GOLD range (available in May!), and a new line of special EFFECT sprays including Marble, Granit, Crackle and Glitter (coming in June!).


  • Art Alternatives – In addition to the hugely successful super value packs of stretched canvas, we also featured new super value packs of our AA Cradled Wood panels and Canvas Panels. Both lines feature top-selling sizes in multi-packs, all designed to retail at a single price point. Stack out assortments of these items are an easy way to create an instant promotional opportunity and introduce new customers to these surfaces. Additionally launched were new lines of product aimed at the beginning painter including carded economy brush sets, student grade sets of heavy-bodied acrylic paint and a new aluminum tripod easel with an amazing $19.99 list price. Possibly the most interesting new addition is stART, a collection of value priced pads, pastels colored pencil sets, etc., all at a price of point $4.99 to the consumer. The products are designed to perfection and the full set-up placed in the highest traffic part of your store will generate huge sales! (Arriving in June!)


  • Elite Synthetic Kolinsky

    Elite Synthetic Kolinsky

    Princeton – redesigned the graphics on most of their brush racks and has introduced three new brushes. Velvet Touch is an attractive brush line with limited SKUs and a step up from the popular Select offering. “Elite” is a new synthetic Kolinsky line which resembles the real thing but is obviously much less expensive. “Summit” has a showy blue handle, white synthetic fibers with short handles and should fill the need for watercolor and acrylic artists. (On order, available August!)

  • Sanford –  introduced Sharpie “EXTREME” markers which have lightfast ink! The new “Electro POP” colors, Flair Tropical colors were introduced as well and a carded Prismacolor scholar kneaded eraser.  New Bundles, Prismacolor 72-color pencil set with a free 20 x 26 black portfolios and Prismacolor 24-color pencil tin with a bonus color pencil accessory kit. Feedback needed for stocking option rather than a special item.
  • Crescent – Create & Show – A complete matting and framing system which is easy to use. Plus Dry Erase Student boards and photo mats.
  • Nitram Professional Charcoal – introduced a new Baton which holds the charcoal sticks while using. The charcoal stick is specially designed to fit the baton and is called a mignonette (refills).NC700329_z-1
  • Elmers – revolutionary new glue gun, which eliminates the nuisance of glue strings using craftbond hot glue. (Available in October)
  • Deco Art – added Max Gloss, a sister product to chalky finish. Creates a contemporary, sleek and polished look on old furniture, flea market finds and more. A New product for MacPherson’s, an assortment and open stock of Decoupage paper. This has a peggable rack with 16 decoupage paper sets. A Perfect match for MacPherson’s line of Paper Mache.
  • Fox Chapel – added additional lines to the on-trend Design Original series of coloring books and introduced the new Zentangle #11 work book.
  • Itoya – added a Marker and Pad carrier which we sell in an assortment. A unique transportation solution for artists using markers.
  • Manuscript – Trio Fountain pen, versatile and attractive fountain pen at a great price $16.95 plus Callicreative 12 assorted Italic Marker pens at $20.95 in both fine and broad tip.
  • New Wave – added to their range of high quality palettes, the Avant-Garde which has the traditional ergonomic design with a grey finish that provides for enhanced value and color gauging, plus the White Pad, an extension to the successful Grey Pad.
  • Studio Design – building on the growth of the Futura Craft Stations they have added fire engine red .
  • Yasutomo – new traditional Chinese Inks in metallic gold and silver, high quality at a $8.95 retail.
  • Natural Earth Paint – Eco kids products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly paint from the earth, featuring kits for kids to make their own paint (looking for feedback)
  • Daniel Smith – 5ml artist watercolor in an 88 color range, featuring two 6-color introductory sets.
  • FM Brush – Black Gold range is their number #1 selling line which we are looking to bring in as it has unique brush shapes.
  • Holbein – new Fluid Artist acrylics, a low viscosity acrylic offering 60 highly detailed colors in 35ml squeeze bottles. (Looking for feedback).
  • Martin F Weber – Turpenoid light, made for RISD with a high flash point, waiting on its launch.
  • Pentel – adding to the success of Aquash water brushes they have launced a new flat Aquash brush.
  • Royal – added new kids art set called Cool Art, low price point oil pastels, colored pencils, water colors and multi media art sets.
  • Testors – new Enamel paint markers, small 11-color counter top assortment. (Looking for feedback).
  • Denik – Art that can Change the World. They gather artists from across the world and put their work on journals, note books and sketch books. Then with every product sold a portion of the proceeds go to directly supporting schools in developing countries and the artists.
  • Indigo Art Papers – 100% cotton and a 75% cotton and 25 % flax, mould made paper sheets from India. Comes in various weights. Developing art journals and sketch books with tear out sheets to give a 4 sided decal edge.
  • General Pencil – Updated drawing and sketching display plus a New USA Drawing POG, ships complete in a box.
  • Grafix – New line of print media, including mono printing plates, stencil film, imaging print film and inking palettes. Plus long awaited Artist-tac, dry adhesive sheets in 3 sizes, in stock now.
  • Legion – new Yupo heavy weight drawing pads and new Yupo landscape size translucent pad. On trend for water colorists and mix media artists.

Don’t forget, many of these and others will be shown at MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop in June! Don’t miss out!!!

Industry News

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Frank Stapleton(4)Our very own Frank Stapleton was honored at the NAMTA Show in Denver with the association’s highest award, the Art Material Hall of Fame. He has been President of MacPherson’s since 1978. In his time, he has moved MacPherson’s forward into a nationwide company that is consistently first in offering the best and most innovative products and services to a core of customers who represent the best creative supply retailers in the United States. Frank has shaped MacPherson’s to be a constant and evolving value-added resource for art & craft material retailers.  The employee owned company’s mission is for each team member as an owner of MacPherson’s to contribute to it’s customers greater business success. Frank also served two terms (1999 & 2007) as director of NAMTA because he firmly believes that our trade association makes a significant difference for the vitality and health of our industry.

Lynn Jack Nora PIC#2Retailers Jack and Lynn Klein, and Nora Hackenberg, were also honored at this years show with NAMTA’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. In February, the longtime Milwaukee merchants retired and closed their store, Artist and Display. Founded in 1936 by Jack’s grandfather Jacob with his sons and son-in-law Harvey, Oliver Klein and Harry Stender by 1965 the emphasis had shifted to art supplies. Jack Klein owned the family business with his wife Lynn. Nora Hackenberg, Lynn’s sister, was its creative director.

Corrine Blanchard passed away unexpectedly on March 17, 2015 in Windsor, CA. Corrine was employed with Jacquard Products/ Rupert, Gibbon & Spider for 22 years. Read the full obituary here. A Memorial Fund is being raised to assist Corrine’s family during this trying time as well as contributing to her daughters’ college fund. For more details on how to help click here


Ray Shelgosh

Ray Shelgosh

Tony Sheridan leader of the UK based Craft Retail Group, which is part of Ideal Shopping Direct, a multi-channel retail company, announced recently that Ray Shelgosh has been appointed President of its Michigan based US operation, Create and Craft USA. Previously Ray was VP for sales and new business development at Notions Marketing in Grand Rapids, MI.

09ffc20Michelle Ruocco has been named General Manager – Aaron Brothers. Most recently, Michelle was VP – GMM of the Seasonal Division. Jim King, the long standing president of Aaron Brothers has left to pursue other opportunities.

Rileystreet Art Supply in San Rafael, CA has been named to the Pacific Sun publication’s 1st year Hall of Fame: Best Art Supplies!

photo (1)


ValerieSandoePIC2Valri Philpott Sandoe passed away on March 8. Valri was principal owner and officer of her late father’s company, American Art Clay Co(AMACO). Valri passionately supported local artisans and the art community of Indianapolis, and was instrumental in establishing the AMACO Gallery. To read the full obituary click here

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 Re-Cap Every February, artists from all over the world travel to the island of Oahu for POW! WOW! Hawaii, an art festival that takes place in the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu. Now in its fifth year, the 2015 edition of POW! WOW! saw 100 street artists, musicians, photographers and media partners from across the globe attend, forming a unique creative community built on the celebration and appreciation of art, music and culture. See it for yourself via this video documenting POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015.


Introducing NEW 500 Series Strathmore Writing

Monday, April 27th, 2015

 Strathmore Artist Papers™ is proud to announce a new full line of products, 500 Series Strathmore Writing. Designed to celebrate the art of writing, these products are perfect for thoughtful communication, the timeless art of calligraphy, and the physical act of putting tangible ink to beautiful paper. The wide range of formats allows individuals to share a special form of communication with others, or to keep their own unique personal chronicles.

ADB Writing

Achieve the ultimate handwriting experience with premium, high-performing papers and formats that enhance this special art form. Quality writing papers in this line are versatile enough for many hand writing and lettering art forms, and work wonderfully with a wide range of writing instruments and inks. All products in this line contain Strathmore Writing papers, which have had a strong consumer following since 1892.

Available April 15, 2015, products are offered in a wide variety of formats which include: Stationery Pads, Stationery Envelopes, Flat or Folded Correspondence Cards and Envelopes, Hardbound Journals, and Softcover Journals. Many different sizes are available, and most products are offered in a blank or in a non-photo blue printed lined version. The lined versions offer an elegant guideline, which will not reproduce for digital incorporation or communications.

ADB Writing Family

Most of the items in the line contain 24 lb./ 90 gsm Strathmore Writing® paper, which contains 25% cotton. The card formats offer 110 lb./297 gsm Strathmore Writing® Cover Bristol, which is a heavier weight product, perfect for correspondence cards. These high quality papers in appropriate weights perform for multiple writing disciplines.

Strathmore® Writing features include:

  • 25% Cotton – all products except cards
  • Natural white colored paper
  • Wove finish
  • Acid free
  • Glue-bound pad format for easy and clean sheet removal
  • Blank or non-photo blue lined options available in most formats
  • Made in the U.S.A.

To help support the launch of this new product line, Strathmore has provided a number of retailer tools available online at

  • Shelf label kits
  • Shelf talkers communicating format availability
  • Header signs
  • End-cap assortment recommendations
  • Counter display tray assortment recommendations
  • Counter display tray signage inserts
  • Journal floor display shelf label retro-fit kits
  • Product video (coming summer of 2015)

ADB Writing Tray

Strathmore is excited for this program to hit the marketplace, and to help support the growing consumer interest in calligraphy and fine writing. The clean and concise message on the package can help bring visibility in stores, create excitement and help sell incremental sales of all writing supplies and instruments. All Strathmore Writing products are on promotion through the Back-to-School season at 68% off! Learn how you can increase the productivity of your space by adding this new program, and contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager today!

ADB Writing Endcap

Strathmore Announces Pass the Journal Consumer Promotion

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Strathmore Artist Papers™ is pleased to announce the launch of a new consumer promotion in April 2015 focusing on engaging artists to work on collaborative works around the globe.

Strathmore will be sending a dozen 500 Series Strathmore Mixed Media® Hardbound Art Journals to artists, who will start creating art on a one page spread of each journal. After an initial artist receives the journal and creates their work, they will create a profile page on the newly created Pass the Journal website, where others can learn about them and their artwork. Artists will upload an image of the art they made for the pass the journal project. The image of journal artwork will also link to a global map, so that followers can watch the journal travel. After each artist completes their art page section in the hardbound journals, they will then select another artist to pass the journal along to, so that all 12 collaborative art journals will be a unique creation. We anticipate that each completed journal will contain a vast variety of styles, mediums, and subject matter, coming together to create a very unique finished piece. Each journal that we are sending out will be named after something related to Strathmore history, and have its own story. For example, Journal #1 is named “Horace”, and gives a bit of information on Strathmore’s founder, Horace Moses. This makes each book unique and special, and even more fun to track. Information on each journal will also be shared on the website.

Currently, the website will take you to a landing page indicating that the site is preparing to get started. You may sign-up to receive a notification when the program begins to have artwork submitted, and profiles and tracking map are in use. We expect the first profiles and work to start arriving any day! Visit Pass the Journal Website for more information.

Strathmore has worked with local art museums so that after all of the journals have been completed and returned the finished one-of-a-kind collaborative pieces will be donated and kept.

Generate excitement with consumers by sharing Strathmore’s social media posts on the Pass the Journal program, website information, and by doing in-store promotions similar to this project. Increase sales on journals and other art materials by encouraging customers to buy Strathmore Art Journals and start passing-along with their own friends and community members.

As a reminder, Strathmore’s video library also includes a product video on Strathmore Art Journals, where customers can learn about different journaling products available. This video, and all others, is available on the Strathmore website or YouTube channel. Stay tuned into the Strathmore social media outlets and website for the official launch of the Pass the Journal site this April! Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager today to determine how you can increase your sales with Strathmore products and promotions!

ADB Journal Site

ADB Journal Tara Ross

Get to know the entire Strathmore Art Journal line by watching this informative video:

Derwent’s Compact Kits for Drawing – the Super Six!

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Derwent offers super six ranges in compact tins of six pencils, each with a pencil sharpener, so you’ll always have a sharp pencil at hand! Choose from the classic Graphic graphite pencils, Charcoal pencils, traditional Drawing pencils, Sketching pencils, Watersoluble Sketching pencils and Coloursoft Skintones, a colour portrait set with online tutorial. All sets are available in a silver tin for secure storage. Always be sketch ready with one of these in your bag.

6 tin photo


  • Graphic 6 Tin Set (DE0700835): 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, 2H. List $13.49.
  • Sketching 6 Tin Set (DE0700836): Wide barrel and 4mm core, HB x 2, 2B x 2, 4B x 2. List $13.49.
  • Watersoluble Sketching 6 Tin Set (DE0700837): HB – Light Wash x 2, 4B – Medium Wash x 2, 8B Dark Wash x 2. List $13.49.
  • Charcoal 6 Tin Set (DE0700838): 1 Light, 2 x Medium, 2 Dark and 1 Tinted Charcoal White. List $13.49.
  • Drawing 6 Tin Set (DE0701089): Brown Ochre, Sepia (Red), Sanguine, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Chinese White. List $19.99.
  • Coloursoft Skintones 6 Tin Set (DE2300217): Cream, Blush Pink, Pink, Ochre, Dark Terracotta, Brown Earth. List $ 14.99. A downloadable tutorial on creating realistic skin tones is available and uses the pencils in this set, visit the Derwent website to download the tutorial.

Karen Coulson leopard Drawing pencils smaller


All these great traveling season items are available in MacPherson’s Distribution centers for immediate shipment!

Graphic 6 tin

New from Gamblin – Solvent-Free Oil Painting Materials

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Gamblin Artists Colors is proud to offer the broadest family of materials to support Solvent-Free oil painting. Winner of Best New Product at NAMTA!

Solvent free family

More possibilities. Less compromise.

Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Gel and Solvent-Free Fluid painting mediums, both crafted from American-grown soybean and safflower oils, increase the flow of oil colors and moderately speed drying. Solvent-Free Gel retains marks and texture more readily than Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Fluid medium.

For cleaning brushes during solvent-free painting sessions, Gamblin recommends its Safflower Oil. When used as a painting medium, Gamblin Safflower oil will increase flow and slow drying.

With Gamblin oil colors and solvent-free painting materials, artists can work with the most natural and enduring of materials, access the broadest range of solvent-free oil painting possibilities, and clean-up with soap and water or Gamsol.

These materials are available and shipping now from both MacPherson’s Distribution Centers.

Golden, QoR & Willamsburg News April 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

GOLDEN  Participation at NAMTA Was a Great Success!

A word from GOLDEN: “For those of you who were able to attend the show in Denver, we appreciate you stopping by the booth! We enjoyed catching up with each of you and walking you through the Marketing initiatives we’ll be focusing on the remainder of this year for all three brands: GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and QoR Watercolor. We hope you enjoyed exploring the materials at the paint bar and had a chance to share your experience with your customers through social media. The overall reception of the new products was quite positive, so thank you for your support! For more information about GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors or QoR Watercolor, visit the websites at Golden Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils or QoR Watercolors and be sure to check out the Facebook pages as well.”

New GOLDEN A-Z Acrylics Sets


Increase Selling Opportunities for Retailers! The new A-Z Acrylics Sets from GOLDEN offer artists a self-guided workshop experience in a box! Encouraging trial and exploration, the sets are perfect for artists just starting out with acrylics and longtime users of acrylics looking to recharge their creative energy through a new product or application. There are a number of ways art supply retailers can use these sets to increase foot traffic and sales in their stores. For stores hosting GOLDEN Working Artist Lectures, these sets are a “must have” item to support the enthusiasm for exploration that is generated by the host of information communicated during the lectures. Another possibility is to highlight these sets when hosting an ‘event night’ exploring GOLDEN Acrylics. The A-Z Acrylics Starter Set (GD962-0) contains 14 products in the ½ oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz. sizes. Products included are Heavy Body Hansa Yellow Medium, Heavy Body Quinacridone Magenta, Heavy Body Titanium White, OPEN Alizarin Crimson Hue, OPEN Phthalo Blue/G.S., Fluid Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold, Fluid Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine), Fluid Teal, High Flow Indigo (Anthraquinone), High Flow Fluorescent Pink, Clear Tar Gel, Heavy Gel (Matte), Light Molding Paste and Polymer Medium (Gloss). The A-Z Acrylics Full Set (GD963-0) contains 30 products in the ½ oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz. sizes. Products included are Heavy Body Hansa Yellow Medium, Heavy Body Quinacridone Magenta, Heavy Body Ultramarine Blue, Heavy Body Titanium White, Heavy Body Iridescent Gold (Fine), OPEN Alizarin Crimson Hue, OPEN Phthalo Blue/G.S., OPEN Indian Yellow Hue, Fluid Hansa Yellow Light, Fluid Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold, Fluid Green Gold, Fluid Teal, Fluid Titanium White, High Flow Indigo (Anthraquinone), High Flow Fluorescent Pink, High Flow Iridescent Silver (Fine), Clear Tar Gel, Soft Gel (Gloss), Heavy Gel (Matte), Molding Paste, Light Molding Paste, Crackle Paste, Glass Bead Gel, Fiber Paste, Absorbent Ground (White), Acrylic Ground for Pastels, Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss), Polymer Medium (Gloss), Matte Medium and OPEN Thinner. Terms for retailer participation are standard freight, no minimum order. Standard discounts apply.

  • GD962-0 – A-Z Acrylic Starter Set
    • UPC: 738797009622
    • US 2015 List Price: $38.99
    • Available late-May from MacPherson’s
  • GD963-0 – A-Z Acrylic Full Set
    • UPC: 738797009639
    • US 2015 List Price: $79.99
    • Available late-May from MacPherson’s

For more specific details about the A-Z Acrylics Sets, please contact your GOLDEN or MacPherson’s Account Manager.

New High Flow Sets from GOLDEN!

HF drawing set_BG
If you haven’t placed your order for the new High Flow Mop Set or the High Flow Drawing Set, now’s the time – don’t miss out! The new High Flow Drawing Set from GOLDEN includes 10 High Flow colors offered as a collection with the calligrapher, graphic artist and illustrator in mind. This new set offers colors typically used for illustration, such as Indigo and Carbon Black, fancy colors for invitations, such as Iridescent Gold and Teal, as well as White and a range of mixing colors that artists can use to mix a spectrum of colors. The High Flow Drawing Set is accompanied by a pamphlet that provides an introduction to the line and a colorchart of all the colors available in High Flow Acrylics. For retailers, the High Flow Drawing Set is available individually or as a 6-set display for placement in the drawing aisle, at the front counter, on an end-cap, or alongside canvas and pads for inspiration and trial. The terms for Retailer participation are standard freight, no minimum order. Standard discounts apply.

  • GD964-0 High Flow Drawing Set
    • UPC: 738797009646
    • US 2015 List Price: $48.99
    • Available late-May from MacPherson’s
  • GD965-0 High Flow Drawing Set Countertop Display*
    • English / French
    • Case Pack: 20738797009640
    • US 2015 List Price: $391.92
    • Available late-May from MacPherson’s

HF drawingSet Display

Display ships with eight High Flow Drawing Sets, providing two sets for back stock and quick refill of display.

High Flow Mop Set

Mop Set 2

The new High Flow Mop Set from GOLDEN encourages big, bold, juicy mark making! For artists who typically work small, this may be just the catalyst that gets them celebrating working larger, expanding the possibilities of their artwork. Just in time for warmer weather and fun summer activities, the new Mop Set will be available starting late-May from MacPherson’s DCs. The set contains three 4 oz. High Flow colors, plus a mop style marker and two screw-on nibs that fit the 4 oz. High Flow bottles as well as the 4 oz. and 8 oz. Fluid bottles. Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalo Blue Green Shade are the three colors highlighted in the set and can be used straight from the bottle or mixed together to create a range of colors. Also in the set is a booklet, which introduces artists to the product line and provides a color chart showing all 49 colors. Ordering details are as follows:

High Flow Mop Set Details:

  • High Flow Mop Set (GD967-0)
    • UPC: 738797009677
    • List Price: $51.99
    • Available late-May from MacPherson’s
  • High Flow Nib Clip-Strip Display Bundle Kit (GD969-0)
    • Case Pack: 20738797009688
    • List Price: 143.88
    • Includes: 1 Clip-Strip, 12 4-packs of nibs, an S-hook and instructions for display
    • Individual 4-packs of Nibs (GD968-0)
    • UPC: 738797009684
    • List Price: $11.99
    • Standard freight, standard discounts apply. Shipping May 4, 2015.
    • Available June 1, 2015


High Flow Acrylics Store Set-Ups:

    • GD12801 – High Flow 4 oz. – 48 Facings Set-Up, US List: $2,726.16
    • GDM012810 – High Flow 16 oz. – 18 Facings Shelved Set-Up, US List: $1,822.44
      • Available June 1, 2015
    • GDM015183 – Buy Big & Save High Flow Shelf POP, FREE until Sept. 11, 2015
      • Available June 1, 2015
    • GDM015103 – Buy Big & Save High Flow English Product Sticker, FREE until Sept. 11, 2015
      • Available June 1, 2015
    • GDM015168 – Size Up & Save Magnet, FREE until Sept. 11, 2015
      • Available June 1, 2015

Order terms available through your MacPherson’s Account Manager. Buy Big & Save! Promotion: Extra 10% on all High Flow Acrylic open stock sizes 4 oz. and up throughout the Back-to-School ordering period at MacPherson’s from May 1, 2015 to Sept 17, 2015. For more specific details about the High Flow Mop Set or the High Flow Drawing Set, please contact your GOLDEN or MacPherson Sales Representative.