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NPR’s Freakanomics Makes a Point With the Everyday Pencil

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Courtesy of Kirstin at General Pencil:

In an episode is called “How Can This Possibly Be True?” NPR’s Freakonomics Podcast explores a famous economist’s essay that features a pencil (yes, a pencil) arguing that “not a single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me.” Is the pencil just bragging? In any case, what can the pencil teach us about our global interdependence — and the proper role of government in the economy?

Listen to the story of the pencil as well as an exploration of world economics as seen through the life and making of a pencil

How Can This Possibly Be True?

Adult Coloring and Maped Graph’Peps Fineliner Pens are Made for Each Other!

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Maped Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens are perfect for all Adult Coloring Book Creations!

Maped Helix USA has launched extra-fine, 0.4mm felt tip fineliner pens in carded packs of 4 to 20. In addition, a display featuring 240 felt tipped fineliner pens is also available. Its vibrant, water based ink colors are perfect for all Adult Coloring Book creations!

Featuring an ergonomically designed triangular barrel for the utmost writing comfort. Its metal nib extends life by protecting the felt tip when using a template, ruler or other straight-edge. These Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens are also perfect for various art projects, drawing, everyday writing or drafting!

These NEW products will be featured in MacPherson’s Fall – Back To School Buyer’s Guide with a special promotional discount from 4/29/16 – 9/15/16, 57.5% (50/15% off). These items already have a low everyday list price, this extra discount is sure to stir interest.

The Maped Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Fineliner Pens display features a small foot print: 7.28″w x 14.37″d x 13.39″h for easy store placement. Includes 240 Graph’Peps Felt Tipped Finelner Pens in 20 different colors.

helix fineliner pens

Industry News

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

With sadness we report that Count TonyCount Anton-

Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, known by all as Count Tony, died after a severe illness on the 21st of January surrounded by his family in Houston, TX. He lived to the age of 74 and lead the Faber-Castell company for nearly 40 years. He leaves his wife Mary, four grown children and 7,000 worldwide employees.

Mike Catanzarite

Mike Catanzarite

Michaels Companies Inc. announced on Feb. 2nd that it had bought Darice and Pat Catan’s parent company, Lamrite West Inc. for $150 million.  Lamrite West Chief Executive Officer Michael Catanzarite, whose father founded the company, will continue to lead his team as a unique brand under the Michaels corporate umbrella. The company was founded in Cleveland in 1954 and its headquarters are located in Strongsville, OH. “The acquisition of Lamrite West represents a unique opportunity to add a business to the Michaels portfolio that will strategically enhance our private brand development capabilities, accelerate our direct sourcing initiatives, and strengthen our business-to-business capabilities.” Michael’s CEO Chuck Rubin explained in the company’s press release.

Patrick Giraud & Andrew Daler

Patrick Giraud & Andrew Daler

Electra Private Equity has sold its stake in Daler-Rowney to the FILA Group, a Milan Italy publically traded producer of writing instruments and art supplies. Fila purchased 100% of the share capital of Renoir Topco. Ltd., the holding company that controls the Daler-Rowney Lukas Group for around $90 million. The company has annual revenues of $80 million and over 700 employees worldwide. Daler-Rowney began life in 1763 when Richard and Thomas Rowney began selling perfume and wig powder in London, before later moving to art supplies. It was family-owned until Patrick Giraud, the current chief executive, bought the Berkshire-based firm in 2005.

Jin Takemura

Jin Takemura

Jin Takemura of Itoya of America has announced that his brother Don will be stepping into the role of president of the company to allow him to concentrate on treatments he is undergoing to beat colo-rectal cancer. In addition to the cancer therapy, Jin’s top priority will still be toward the growth and success of Itoya. 

Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer

The rep group Sampro headed by Michael Hammer has been engaged by Canson to represent their art papers line in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states.

Travel web site has named the most artistic mid-sized cities in America. They are Richmond, VA, Boise, ID, Ann Arbor, MI, Dayton, OH, Pasadena, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, Ventura, CA, Tacoma, WA, Burbank, CA and Berkeley, CA in that order Check it out!

abstract® Acrylic paint from Sennelier/Savoir Faire

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Modern Since 1887

For that artistic customer that is always looking for new ways to do things. abstract® is an innovative Acrylic system with revolutionary packaging. Painting straight out of the sturdy, yet flexible pouch through it’s beak type tip, makes abstract® ideal for large work and “street art”. The pouch is economical, totally squeezable, can sit upright on your shelf to display, and available in 60 brilliant colors – 36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent. The highly pigmented abstract® features a heavy-body texture that offers great covering power while enabling for a lot of transparency.

Talk to your MacPherson’s Account Manager for Merchandising Options, the 5 Box Set and the new 8 piece tip set (coming soon).  A generous sample program is available for stores.

Strathmore’s Online Workshop Series Drives Sales!

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Workshop 2016 Art Combined

Strathmore is excited to once again offer their free Online Workshop Series, which starts March 7, 2016! Take advantage of this consumer workshop series and increase your store’s traffic and sales. Promote the start of the workshops in your store, on your website, on social media, and drive sales as students purchase from the class supply list (there are over 37,000 students registered already).

The Strathmore 2016 Online Workshop Series will again feature 3 different workshop series, with each series including 4 videos and downloadable instructions created by incredibly talented artists. Students follow along as instructors guide them through various topics and demonstrate useful tips, techniques, ideas and inspirations to get students creating and learning about art. Visit Strathmore Artist Papers at Artist Studio for more information about the 2016 Workshop Series.

This year participants are no longer required to create a student account to view the videos. Once the videos are released on the site, they are available for anyone to view at any time, for free, without creating an account. However, if students want to interact with the instructors in discussion forums, or upload images to the gallery, they still need to create an account to access those special features. Students can still create an account to interact with their friends on the site, and to create their own profile. No changes impact any existing student accounts. By removing the account set-up to view the video content, more artists will be encouraged to engage in the wonderful free content that is available in the workshop series.

Here are three ideas for retailers to take advantage of the program:

  1. Create Workshop Supply End Cap – Download this poster/handout pdf and create an end cap featuring the workshop supply list. Use the poster on the end cap to promote the workshops as well as in the window and at check out.
University Art created this end cap featuring supplies for a previous Strathmore Workshop.

University Art created this end cap featuring supplies for a previous Strathmore Workshop.

Workshop Facebook

  1. Follow Strathmore Artist Papers on Facebook – – and share posts with your fans. This is a really easy thing to do! Strathmore shares on-going information and reminders about the Workshops on Facebook. Ask your fans to stock up on class supplies at your store! You can also check out #StrathmoreWorkshops on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Additionally, you can follow Strathmore on other social media sites including:

Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

  1. Create your own workshop from content delivered in Strathmore’s Online Workshops! Each workshop provides you with a supply list, educational video and supporting information. Makes hosting your own event easier!

As a reminder, at the end of each year Strathmore will post that year’s Online Workshop Series videos to their YouTube channel. Look for the 2015 Online Workshop Series videos that are now available, which include workshops on drawing, visual journaling, and watercolor sketching and journaling (

Also offered on Strathmore’s YouTube channel, you will find an expanding library of videos around product information, quick tips and tricks for using Strathmore products, and helpful information on frequently asked questions.

Interested in learning more? Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager for ideas of how you can drive more traffic and sales with Strathmore’s 2016 Online Workshop Series.

Golden News for February 2016

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

NEW! Spring Promotional Period – Focus on QoR Watercolor!
This is a great opportunity to focus on QoR in your store, right at the start of Watercolor season!

  • QoR Watercolor Only – MAP on QoR During Spring Promotion at 40% off
  • Receipt and Ship Dates: 02/08/16 – 04/15/16
  • Advertised Promotional Dates: 02/22/16 – 04/29/16
  • An extra 5% for each buy during the promotional period

Check with your MacPherson’s Account Manager for any questions you may have.

NAMTA Art Materials World 2016 is Just a Few Weeks Away!

Golden is looking forward to seeing all of you in Houston in just a few short weeks. Please take a moment while at the show to stop by their booth (#1024) to say hello and see some exciting new items!

While at the show you’ll get a first-hand look at the NEW! QoR 24 Watercolor set and the new QoR Watercolor Ground wet samples. Hear about other product promotions planned for the year and find out about some new Working Artist Program Lecture options that will be available later this year! Booth visitors also have a chance to explore materials with Working Artist Program Director, Patti Brady!


GOLDEN is also inviting show attendees to play a round of Texas Hold ‘Em GOLDEN style! Visit the GOLDEN booth during the first day and a half of the show to pick up your two-card hand (hole cards), then come back to their booth at 3:00 pm on Monday, March 7 for craft beer, munchies, and to put your two cards up against the 5-card river. The best Texas Hold ‘Em poker hand wins!

Williamsburg Color Stories Inspire Painters (and Sales) in 2016

Williamsburg retailers will be given the opportunity to participate in a community centric sampling program featuring classic colors that demonstrate the outstanding quality of the Williamsburg color line. The goal is to win space on artists’ palettes and increase sales for all Williamsburg retailers.

Williamsburg will supply samples, product guides and content for a coordinated email blast that highlights the strength of color quality and high pigment load available in the Williamsburg line. Each retailer will execute the email blast within a broadcast window, encouraging artists to visit their store for sample fulfillment. Samples include Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Cerulean Blue (Genuine). Sample kits will be available to dealers beginning March 23 so that email blasts can be sent out between April 2 and June 17.

Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager or call GOLDEN Customer Service at 607-847-6154 for further information.

New Video from GOLDEN

A new video was recently added to GOLDEN’S Video Library that your customers will be interested in. Videos are quick and easy content to share on Facebook and a great way to boost your organic reach.

Visit GOLDEN’S YouTube or Vimeo page to check them out!

Create Acrylic Skins with High Flow Drawings

Create drawings with Golden High Flow Acrylics using a needle nose applicator. Turn your drawings into Acrylic skins that can be used as a unique part of your art.

Golden’s Video Page

To learn more about High Flow Acrylics, to go High Flow Acrylics