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    Industry News

    We are sorry to announce that MacPherson’s Purchasing manager Kathy Johnson will be leaving early next year to pursue a new career direction in sales. Kathy has been a valuable contributor to MacPherson’s for over eight years as our Purchasing Manager. Kathy has a lot of friends within the company and the industry, and we’ll miss her very much. A search is underway to find a suitable candidate. Interested parties should forward their resume to resumes@macphersonart.com. MacPherson’s southern California sales representative Jeff Reed has decided to leave the company at the end of 2011.  Replacing Jeff will be his son Justin who comes to us with over ten years retail art materials…

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    Strathmore Retailer Support Added

    Strathmore Artist Papers™ announces the introduction of new online tools that allow retailers to create their own promotional materials.  This program reflects Strathmore’s commitment to offering a full range of retail merchandising tools that maximize retail performance through visual impact, consumer education, and effective product selection & presentation. The series of professionally produced poster signs features different works of art created on Strathmore fine art paper. Choose from Acrylic, Bristol-Smooth, Bristol-Vellum, Canvas, Charcoal, Drawing, Newsprint, Pastel, Sketch and Watercolor images in 18” x 24” or 24” x 32” size. Templates for the Strathmore poster signs can be downloaded from the Retailer Tools section of their website at www.strathmoreartist.com. Customize each sign by adding  your own message and send to your local quick printer for professional quality signs…

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    GOLDEN Winter BTS Promotion: UNCOMMON BLUES!

    For artists who have a vision for going beyond the ordinary, GOLDEN introduces a 22ml limited edition set of Uncommon Blues featuring three blues from the Heavy Body line, each with unique qualities: Anthraquinone Blue, Smalt Hue and Cerulean Blue Deep. Available for Winter B-T-S only, this set of three fantastic blues is sure to pique the curiosity of artists looking for the fundamentals of blue, while seeking ways to differentiate themselves with something uncommon. During the promotion, the Uncommon Blues set will be available at a low introductory retail price of $9.99, representing a 26% savings for consumers over open stock.  Standard and promotional discounts off this introductory list price apply. Designed to generate interest in the full range of blues offered by GOLDEN, the…

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    Cool Sakura Video

    Watch Migual Endara’s video which is a testament to the superior quality of the Sakura’s Pigma Micron pen – the most delicate 005 nib held through 3.2 million dots and the ink supply in one pen was enough to complete the entire piece of art that took a year to complete! The video entitled “Hero” received over to 3 million views in 6 days!  Miguel’s stippling artwork was inspired by his dad and is composed entirely out of 3.2 million dots made with a single 005  Pigma Micron pen!  Both the video and the artwork were solely created and produced by Miguel Endara (not a paid advertisement for Sakura of America).  

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    Introducing Gedeo Casting and Glazing Resins by Pebeo!

    Looking for a hot, new product to share with your best and most creative customers? Today’s artists are constantly looking for new and exciting mediums to incorporate into their work.  The lines between fine and decorative art are becoming blurred as abstract, collage, dimensional inclusion, and protective laminates and coatings are being combined with traditional artist colors and mediums to create new and innovative forms of art. Pebeo’s new Gedeo casting and glazing resins will appeal to artists who enjoy experimenting with new techniques.  Those who are already familiar with these types of mediums will appreciate Gedeo resin’s superior quality. The New Products… Crystal, Color, and Pearl Casting Resin (150ml / 300ml / 750ml): This two-part, low odor, transparent resin is ideal for molding, inclusions, coatings,  and laminates, and dries in…