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Daler-Rowney’s Graduate Acrylics Are Hot & Promotable!

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Daler-Rowney’s Graduate Acrylics offer a very affordable range of acrylic colors. The range features bright and strong colors that can be used on any paper surface, primed board or canvas, indoors or outdoors and with a variety of acrylic mediums. There are 48 colors in the range, including metallic colors.


Graduate Acrylic colors are of good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces. The colors are fast-drying, durable and flexible, so paintings will last a long time. Paper and canvas coated with Graduate Acrylic can be loosely rolled and stored without fear of cracking. In accordance with EC labeling regulations, all colors are classified as non-dangerous for use.

Don’t waste color!

Daler–Rowney developed unique packaging for Graduate Acrylic 500ml colors. All colors come in a squeezable pot that has a lid with a unique valve mechanism and stay-clean technology to dispense the color.  Only what is needed comes out of the pot, minimizing the waste in the classroom, studio or at home!

MacPherson’s DC Open Stock Promo is 64% off for Fall Back-to-School.

Graduate Acrylic Bulk Drop Ship Program offers some awesome deals!

Buy 10 Assortments of the 75ml tubes (no rack) receive 72% off

Buy 5 Assortments of the 500ml bottles (no rack) receive 72% off

48 colors range is found in the 75ml and 120ml tubes as well as the 500ml bottles.













This is a great opportunity to buy in and stock up your display for Fall-Back-to-School. If you do not have a display, the Graduate Acrylics have had huge success being merchandised in bins with a net price to sell to students for their back-to-school needs. With the Bulk Program you are able to discount heavily and aggressively to compete with online stores’ competitive pricing.

You can find the Daler-Rowney acrylics on Facebook at:

As well Pinterest and Instagram

Golden News July 2016

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

B-T-S Promotional Period Reminder

Remember that advertising can be extended to 40% off everyday for all three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) beginning on 07/25/16 and expiring on 09/30/16.


GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – Available Now!

Demo Kit

Golden Demo Kit

For those of you who attended the recent Dealer Workshop, a preview of this was introduced at the event. For everyone else, we’re excited to introduce the new GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – a toolkit to drive sales and educate store staff about acrylic colors, gels, grounds, pastes, mediums and techniques! It’s also useful for increasing store traffic by offering in-store demonstrations. With this tool, you can demonstrate the following:

  • Difference in properties between GOLDEN color lines
  • Differences between all the “white stuff” – Mediums, Gels and Pastes
  • How to use Gels, Pastes and Mediums as extender and for building texture
  • How to use Gels and Pastes as Grounds
  • Staining techniques using High Flow and Fluid Acrylics on canvas and Acrylic Grounds
  • How to use OPEN Acrylics for Subtractive and Monoprinting techniques

Item # GD0000096-0 (Acrylic Demo in a Box)

2016 Support Value: $29.50

If you’re interested, don’t let the Support Price stop you. Contact either your MacPherson’s or GOLDEN Sales Representative to order yours today.

What Are Artists Discovering About QoR Watercolor?

Artists are eager to share their experiences in email and on social media about their use of QoR Watercolor. Take a look and see how you might share their stories with your own customers. Maybe there’s a technique, color or idea that sparks their interest, increasing traffic in your store!

  1. June 20, 2016 on Instagram in reference to the QoR 24 unboxing video.

Alex Johnmeyer:

For all the watercolor artists in my life: These are the best I’ve ever used. Like butter. So rich and vivid. Do it.

  1. June 1, 2016 on YouTube

Jessica Sporn Designs:

I’m testing out the new QoR Watercolor Paints from Golden. I love them! 

  1. July 18, 2016 via Email to one of our Material & Application Specialists

Kathy Lindsley:

I received the Permanent Green Light; a strong accent color and it makes some lovely mixtures. I’m also enjoying the sample cards and have identified several QoR colors I intend to add to my regular palette. Your Burnt Sienna Natural is outstanding; for sure that will become my standard — and among my most-used colors.

Insider Tip: Pokémon Go Drives Business for Retailers

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Pokémon Go is Driving Crazy Sales at Small Local Retail Businesses — here’s how to cash in!

screen shot 2016-04-27 at 3.29.16 pmSmart retailers are catching on to how to connect with this phone app (Android & iOS) that’s taking the world by storm. As Pokémon Go users traverse their towns in search of Pokémon, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity, driving huge amounts of foot traffic and conversions both with simple in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns.

Business Insider news site has created a inspiring and thought provoking article on how you can get involved. Read on!

Sharpie Pen and Mr. Sketch News July 2016

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


Sharpie Pens are going through a rolling package change that will improve the look on shelf.  Now, the cap of each pen will match the ink color!  Sharpie Pens are a great  option for the adult coloring trend since they don’t bleed through the paper.  They are smear-resistant, water-resistant and acid-free, and a non-toxic ink formula.  Available in a wide variety of colors.  Perfect for the student, graphic designer, home office, and so much more.  Visit for all things Sharpie!


The new Mr. Sketch Banana Crayon commercial is available on YouTube to add to your social media postings,. Check it out below. Mr. Sketch is running this new commercial on TV through July.

Royal Talens North America Takes Flight!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Royal Talens North America – Warehouse Expansion

In order to support the fast expansion of new products as well as to facilitate the high level of stock Royal Talens has introduced for the BTS season, they have already implemented a 1st stage expansion with additional racking in their North America headquarters.  Many thanks to Royal Talens’ loyal customers for making this important milestone happen ahead of schedule!


Royal Talens North America thanks MacPherson’s and all who attended Dealer Workshop!

Dealer Workshop was an important show for Royal Talens in their first year as a new company. Having concentrated time with their valued customers really contributed to the success of the show for RTNA! New product was launched in Amsterdam Acrylics, Bruynzeel, Cobra and the Talens Art Creation line. Many orders have been placed and they are very thankful for the strong support!

Dealer Workshop


Coloring to a New Level: Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot Cards!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

238 WC Dot Card, adjusted

As you know, Coloring Books are very popular with customers right now! One way you can help your customers buying coloring books and add-on sales, is by suggesting the DANIEL SMITH 238 and 66 Watercolor Dot Cards.

238 WC Dot Chart, Peacock Coloring Book, 8320

The Watercolor Dot Cards give customers the creative opportunity to paint their coloring books with many beautiful DANIEL SMITH Watercolors – colors that are rich and vibrant, and will make their experience even more fun! With so many colors to choose from, your customers will be able to express themselves so many more ways than with a set of colored pencils or a couple tubes of watercolor. Your customers will be able to paint with the beautiful yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, violets, blues, greens, earth colors, grays and blacks, as well as the Luminescent Watercolors which will give a special sparkle or shine to your customers completed Coloring Book page!

Ultramarine Blue dot, 238 resized

It’s easy to use the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards, simply wet a watercolor brush with water, touch the dot of watercolor to release the beautiful paint color and paint the desired section in the Coloring Book! Not only can you paint a small section a color, you can glaze over it with a darker version of the color or another transparent color giving richer and different effects to the Coloring Book Artwork.

Quinacridone Coral WC Dot, 238

Each Dot of Watercolor is labeled with important color information for easy reference:

  • Series number and SKU number.
  • That particular colors lightfastness, staining/non-staining, granulation and transparency.

There are two different DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards to choose from, the 238 and the 66 Watercolor Dot Cards.

66 WC Dot Chart, Flower Coloring Book, 8258, 1

The 238 Watercolor Dot Card, MSRP $36.58, features:

  • 32 PrimaTek Watercolors which DANIEL SMITH makes from minerals
  • 12 Quinacridone watercolors
  • All 6 DANIEL SMITH Cadmium Hues
  • 48 colors from the Luminescent collection; 20 Iridescent, 7 Interference, 19 Duochrome, Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White
  • Plus, 135 more DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors

66 WC Dot Chart, Carousel Horse Coloring Book, 8197

The 66 Watercolor Dot Card, MSRP $7.48, features:

  • 24 PrimaTeks Watercolors which DANIEL SMITH makes from minerals
  • All 13 Quinacridone colors
  • All 6 Cadmiums Hues
  • 18 colors from the Luminescents Collection; 6 Iridescent, 6 Interference, 4 Duochrome and, Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent White.
  • And 5 more DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors.

You may want to merchandise some DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Dot Cards in your Coloring Book section to make it easier for customers to find them, and be sure to let your sales staff know about the Watercolor Dot Cards and how they work, so that they can suggest them to their customers shopping for Coloring Books.

Not only will you help your customers have more fun with their Coloring Books, once your customers have the experience of the vivid and exciting DANIEL SMITH Watercolors on the Watercolor Dot Cards, they may become your watercolor customers too!

Maped/Helix on National Coloring Book Day – August 2, 2016

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016



Join Maped Helix USA in Celebrating National Coloring Book Day on August 2, 2016. On this day grab your Maped coloring pencils and favorite book – just relax and color all day!


National Coloring Book Day is a day to relax and color. You can easily find a coloring book club at your local library, coloring tip videos on YouTube or join in a LIVE color along event on Facebook. Coloring is for everyone not just for kids. Adults can join in the coloring fun with their favorite adult coloring book at any time! Why is coloring fun and relaxing? Coloring can help adults overcome stress. You can improve your concentration and unleash your inner creativity. You can always color at home, at the library, work or even on the go!

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day by coloring along with Artists and Adult Book Illustrators, Anne Manera & Tamara Cameron on August 2nd. Anne & Tamara will show you a few coloring tips and techniques LIVE on Facebook! When you’re done coloring make sure to share your colorful creation on social media.

Facebook:  (MapedUSA)

Instagram:  (@MapedHelixUS)

Twitter:  (@MapedHelix)

Hashtag the following on August 2nd and share your completed art creations.

  • #mapedhelixusa
  • #nationalcoloringbookday
  • #ilovecoloring
  • #coloring
  • #coloringtime
  • #coloringisfun
  • #coloringbookforadults
  • #adultcoloring
  • #adultcoloringbook
  • National Coloring Book Day Link

Facebook Events:

National Coloring Book Day (8/2/16)

National Coloring Day Party (8/2/16) – Live Color Along, Giveaways, & Games

Industry News

Monday, July 11th, 2016

DonnaRoyal Talens North America is excited to report that Donna (Gorham) Bowers is now Sales Operations Manager. Donna had worked for many years at Canson. According to Kirk Gillespie she has already had an immediate impact on the company’s best practices in Customer Service and Supply! Donna’s email address is

IMG_0056Tom Richards will be leaving Chartpak at the end of July and then will join Pacon to become the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Strathmore Artist Papers.



Jim Gallagher

Jim Gallagher


Jon Martensson

In related news at Chartpak, Jim Gallagher has been promoted to EVP of Sales and Marketing reporting directly to Steven Roth, while  Canson’s Jon Martensson is moving over to become Chartpak’s Senior Brand Manager reporting to Jim Gallagher.


Jenni Gamel

Jenni Gamel

At Michael’s Jenni Gamel will become the General Merchandise Manager Drawing – Art Supplies, reporting to Rich Gartmann, and Krista Lasche will be moving to a Private Brand Manager in Paper Crafting



SCH photoColArt’s Gail Pasquier recently announced that Steve Chamberlain has been appointed as Commercial Director – North America. Steve will lead the long-term commercial growth of the business in North America. The North America Marketing function led by Theresa Kuiken will report to him. Read the entire press release.


Many of you know that former independent art material manufacturer’s rep Julianne Eastman has waged a fierce and dignified fight with a vicious form of breast cancer. She has maintained her strength, poise and positive spirit throughout and now treatment options have narrowed. Her dad Ken Eastman wrote recently that sadly the cancer is winning the battle and he wants all of her industry friends and supporters to know about the blog she has maintained throughout that provides a place to send your prayers and good wishes. Visit here at Juliannes Blog. You may donate funds to help in the education of her 3 beautiful children here. GoFundme Julianne Kids.



We recently heard from store manager David Millman that Steve Steinberg’s iconic New York Central Art Supply will close its doors for good in August after being in business for 111 years. The Steinberg family recently sold the building. Here is the store’s blog post announcing the store closure.