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Strathmore Introduces New Videos

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Strathmore Artist Papers is excited to continue adding to their video libraries in 2015! They started launching short product videos in 2014, and are thrilled to introduce the NEW Strathmore Writing product video. This new product video is now available online, and can be an excellent tool in educating consumers and generating excitement for these new products. Like all of their product videos, the new writing video is perfect to share on your retailer social media sites. Product videos are also a great tool to educate in-store staff on product uses and specifications. Run the video in your store on a continuous loop to generate excitement about the new Strathmore Writing products with your consumers.

Strathmore’s expanding video library is overflowing with information on possible product uses, and demonstrations on how to use some of their products. The newest addition to this section of the library features the Coal Black Artist Tiles video. It highlights some of the fun possibilities of working with this unique paper and format for pattern drawing and meditative art. Consider sharing this content on your social media sites to help generate consumer excitement.

Be sure to visit frequently as the videos will continue be published as they are created. You’ll also find that the online video library also includes all previously published Workshop Series videos. These videos encourage creativity and educational activities around topics artists have requested. New and archived videos are also posted on Strathmore’s social media sites and videos will also be available on DVD per requests. Closed caption versions of product videos are also available if needed!

As Strathmore moves toward the 3rd workshop set for the 2015 Workshop Series, this season’s workshop videos will be posted on YouTube at the end of the year. Workshops and supporting video lessons are always free of charge, and offer great information on techniques, styles, materials and project inspiration.

Visit Strathmore Artist Papers™ on social media for up to the minute information:

Industry News

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Dennis van Schie

Effective October 1, 2015 Thomas Bräutigam will be stepping down after seven years as ColArt’s CEO. His successor is Dennis van Schie, who comes from Sony Mobile Communications, where he has been the Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer since 2012. He has also been a member of the ColArt Board since March 2015

Ink Master to Feature Montana Cans! The next episode of Spike TV‘s hot tattoo reality show, Ink Master, will feature a flash challenge where contestants will throw down their best custom paint jobs using Montana GOLD spray paint and ACRYLIC Markers to paint three Dodge Challengers!  The episode airs Tuesday, September 1st at 10pm on Spike TV.  You can check out 3 preview clips on the Spike website! Watch the Preview Here!


ink master 2inkmasters


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJcAAAAJDJhOTRlZWIxLTY4M2ItNGRmMC05Nzg5LTU2NWY3ZGUzNGZhYgCanson has announced that Brent Kennington has joined the Massachusetts-based company as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. Previously he was Director of Marketing, Mass Channels for CSS Industries, Inc and held similar positions with Xyron and American Greetings.

Meininger’s makes its mark (again!) They decided to do something amazing with the wall facing the north side of their Denver flagship store. Equipped with a grant from the city, Judd Meininger reached out to some of the most talented artists in Denver, and commissioned seven of them to create side-by-side works on the two-story wall, even providing the artists with a lift to use. Four of the panels have been completed, with three left to go. See lots of mural shots and read the whole story here.




Raw Materials Art Supplies was named “Best Art, Craft, & Design Store” for the second year in a row by the Los Angeles Downtown News, in a tie with Moskatel’s. Owners Jim and Celia want thank customers for supporting and voting for them. “In an age of sameness, it is a luxury to be a true independent.” – Maria Cornejo

The Northern China port of Tianjin is getting back up to speed after two massive explosions killed more than a hundred people, left hundreds more injured and devastated large areas of the city. ColArt’s China headquarters and color factory are located in Tianjin, but other than some brief shipping delays none of the company’s employees or facilities were injured or effected.

Check out the POW! WOW! Long Beach 2015 official re-cap video. Between June 21 and June 28, 2015, Long Beach, California became the canvas for art, music and culture with the arrival of POW! WOW! Showcasing the works of Aaron de la Cruz, Fafi, Cryptik, Hueman, Jeff Soto, James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Jeff McMillan, Push, Bumblebee, Low Bros and Madsteez. Watch the official recap video to see it all come together.

Golden Announces Judith Linhares ‘Flora and Fauna’ Opening Reception

  • Save the Date – September 19, 2015 at The SAGG
  • 4:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Golden Artist Colors, Inc., 188 Bell Road, New Berlin, NY 13411
  • ‘Flora and Fauna’ is an exhibition of selected works by artist Judith Linhares, which will be on exhibit through December 11, 2015.

ADB August linhares-banner

According to Gallery Director, James Walsh, “Linhares’ oeuvre is developed around three major themes: figuration, animals, and flowers. In ‘Flora and Fauna’ we have focused on exhibiting her animal and flower paintings. The creatures and plants in her paintings become resilient entities that engage Linhares’ interest in mythology and folklore. Both modes of her painterly exploration add much to the long and storied history of the depiction of animals and flowers in painting.” Go to for more information.

File this one under “We’re all in the wrong business”. Who knew that owning and managing an art school was lucrative enough to pay for and maintain a $70 million vintage car collection while amassing an $800 million family estate? That’s exactly what the Stephen’s of San Francisco have done with their Academy of Art University!

Read the Forbes Magazine story here: Forbes AAU

This just in from the New York Post TAIPEI — A 12-year-old boy tripped, fell and punched a hole in the canvas of a masterpiece by a 17th-century Italian artist worth $1.5 million. “Flowers” by Italian master Paolo Porpora is part of a Taipei exhibit showcasing artwork painted by or influenced by Leonardo da Vinci. Happy to report that the painting has been repaired an returned to the exhibit. The boy’s fall — captured in the video above — appeared to have been influenced by the Marx Brothers.

Princeton Artist Brush Co. Spices Up Their Displays With a FREE Graphics Upgrade

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


Princeton Brush has created updated graphics for its brush displays. These new, colorful display inserts are available at no charge so that retailers can have an updated look for their brush department.

Please click here to download an excel order form. By completing the form and sending it back (e-mail instructions on bottom of form), Princeton will send these graphics to your store or a distributor rep (whatever your preference).

Key points about the upgrade form:

  • Please note that for Polytip bristle (6400 and 6450) we will replace the current display fixture (Birchwood) with new displays to match the rest of the lines. There are a few less skus going forward in the assortment to fit these displays.
  • For Genuine Kolinsky Sable lines (7000 and 7050), empty half size displays are available for any customers that have purchased open stock.
  • There is a section with a notation (in red on the left) for customers and reps  to indicate displays in the store that are not being upgraded (brush sets, select, snap).   We are asking for this information because it will be used along with all other displays in the retailer locater on the new Princeton brush website that will be launched in the fall.
  • Towards the bottom of the form there is an option for the display graphics to be sent either to the rep or retailer directly.

Tips for reps or customers installing the new graphics:

  • When removing brushes from the current display, it is recommended that you have rubber bands available to keep the brushes together by size and shape.
  • The next step is to slide the old graphics (printed on paper) and plastic face sheet out from the top of the display.
  • Please note that the new graphics are printed directly onto plastic so there is only one thing to insert back into the display.
  • The plastic insert with the graphics has a protective film that will need to be removed before sliding the new graphics in from the top of the display.
  • Please pull the plastic insert from the bottom edge in the middle, slowly and steadily.

Also as an FYI, available now on the Princeton website (Click here then scroll down to the Displays section) are individual images of all displays.

Golden August 2015 News

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

MacPherson’s B-T-S Buyer’s Guide

Be sure to take a look at the new Back-to-School Buyer’s Guide from MacPherson’s to see the latest promotional offerings for GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR® Watercolors!

Don’t Miss Out! Digital Assets Available to Promote Buy Big & Save!

The Buy Big & Save promotion highlights GOLDEN’s pricing model, which provides more value to artists each time they step up in size. This fall, Golden is focusing that message on larger sizes of High Flow Acrylics. Ounce for ounce, artists can save up to 40% when they buy a 4 oz. High Flow instead of 1 oz.

Digital assets, including the images from this communication, are available through Marketplace, your MacPherson’s Account Manager, GOLDEN Sales Representative, or GOLDEN Customer Service.


Social Media content is also available, such as…

Facebook & Google+:

BUY BIG, SAVE BIG, and HAVE PAINT WHEN YOU NEED IT! Buying GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics in larger sizes saves money and ensures you have paint on hand when the creative mood strikes.


BUY BIG & SAVE with GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics. As size goes up, cost per ounce goes down. Save 20-40% per ounce by moving up a size!

Also available for in-store promotion:

M015183 Buy Big & Save High Flow Shelf POP FREE Until September 11, 2015
M015103 Buy Big & Save High Flow Product Sticker FREE Until September 11, 2015
M015168 Size Up & Save Magnet FREE Until September 11, 2015

ADB August BBS2015_4ozHFwStick

Just Paint #33 Hitting Mailboxes and Websites Late September!

In the latest issue of Just Paint GOLDEN shares news about QoR® Watercolors and the line’s inaugural year. They continue to inform readers about lightfastness testing results of these materials and Williamsburg Oils. Sarah Sands shares these insights and necessary changes that are being made to assure artists that these materials also meet the highest quality standards.

Amy McKinnon, a talented Materials Specialist, who recently left GOLDEN to begin a new venture, contributed to two articles in this issue: The Allure of Umber Pigments and The Safe Use of Oils, With and Without Solvent.

GOLDEN’s Working Artist Program Director Patti Brady has written a quick review of the endless creative opportunities offered by the new A-Z Acrylics set.

Mark Golden takes some time in this issue to introduce GOLDEN’s newest Materials Specialist, Dr. Cathy Jennings, who is an amazing watercolorist and teacher.

GOLDEN is delighted to announce the September opening of Judith Linhares, ‘Flora and Fauna’ at The SAGG.

Lastly, in this issue GOLDEN celebrates their second year working with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. This year we offered residencies for three teachers advancing their own painting practice. Be sure to check this article out as well!

Look for these articles in late September at Just Paint. If you’re interested in receiving the electronic version of Just Paint, go to