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Industry News

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

00023_s_10aepqn85x0031_2Ft. Lauderdale’s Pearl Artist & Craft Supply has filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to the Sun Sentinel Newspaper, Pearl has an estimated $10 million to $50 million in liabilities and between 200 and 999 creditors. In Chapter 11, a company remains in business while it tries to reorganize its debts under court supervision. The company’s website lists two store locations in Florida and New York, and one each in New Jersey and Los Angeles, CA.

pastedgraphic-1Industry retailer group  iAMart recently announced its 2010-2011 slate of Officers and Board of Directors :

•  President: Marilyn Hajjar, Arch Drafting Supply, San Francisco, CA
•  Co-Vice Presidents: Ed Gamburg & Lou Simeone, Merion Art & Repro Center, Philadelphia, PA
•  Treasurer:Johanna Wiseman, Akamai Art & Glass Supply, Port Townsend, WA
•  Secretary: Kerry Kemp, Art Outfitters, Little Rock, AR
Dave Thompson
continues in his role as the group’s Facilitator.

Check out this amazing window display from Art Media in Portland, OR created by hand to celebrate a great promotion on Montana Gold!

Montana Gold


Congratulations to Sam and Gilda Winklemeyer of Santa Barbara Art & Craft Essentials on being voted the best Art Supplier in Santa Barbara, CA by the readers of the Santa Barbara News Press in their 2010 poll.


MERCUR USA, LLC marker of art erasers will shut down its business on 06/30/2010 to concentrate more resources on its home market in Brazil.

goldenGOLDEN Turns 30 & Employees Become Majority Owners! In just 30 short years, Golden Artist Colors has grown from a family operation in a 30 by 36 foot barn on Sam Golden’s retirement property, to one of the world’s most well respected manufacturers of artist paints. To assure the continuation of the founder’s legacy a company Employee Stock Ownership Trust was established and is now the majority owner of Golden Artist Colors. With pride, the company’s head Mark Golden states, “It’s a momentous time in the company’s history and we look forward to growing and enhancing our relationship in all our communities as new opportunities are realized.”

Rachel (Gray) & Chris Workman welcomed Asher Chase Workman into their family on April  at 6 lbs 2 ozs. Rachel is Namta‘s Director of Membership & Communications. As you can see, everyone’s doing fine.


Letraset’s ProMarker is Taking Over the Craft World!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010


ProMarker is sweeping Europe right now with its high quality ink and very affordable price.  Crafters have taken onto this product like crazy!  Dawn Bibby, Craft Queen of the British QVC is a huge fan of ProMarker and frequently uses it on her show;

ProMarkers are alcohol based and use dye based color. Dye color has a big advantage in giving supremely smooth, consistent coverage, and this is what the new generation of ProMarker-crazy craft customers particularly love. ProMarker’s dye based ink  makes it very easy for anyone to create a smooth, streak free area of color. Dye molecules are much smaller than pigment, that’s why they give such even coverage. And the dyes used in ProMarker ink are incredibly good quality, basically the best around! It’s dye that also gives ProMarker color the ‘translucency’ that means the color can be built up in layers to create tone and shade.

NEW Strathmore Visual Journals Earn Innovation Award!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010


Strathmore Artist Papers was awarded the 2010 Business Innovation Award at the NAMTA Convention and trade show for its new product introduction – Visual Journals.  Strathmore leveraged consumer insights from the NAMTA Artists & Art Materials USA 2009 report, social media and other market research.  Strathmore’s marketing team identified unmet consumer needs and responded by developing the new Visual Journal product line.
vis-jrn“We discovered that for many artists, journaling is a heavy-duty mixed media art form.  Current journals are not meeting their needs because the paper is not designed to handle the media, layering and abuse of these ‘journalists,’” says Jeanette Gile, Marketing Manager at Strathmore Artist Papers.  “We responded by developing a new type of journal that provides artists with greater freedom of expression by delivering high-performing papers and heavy-duty features.”
Strathmore Visual Journals are offered in a full range of paper types and weights requested by artists themselves. Papers include heavy-weight Drawing, Mixed Media, Smooth and Vellum Bristol, 90 lb. Watercolor and 140 lb. Watercolor.  The heavy-duty cover features a subtle design, and the wire binding allows the journal to lie flat and open up 360 degrees.

Journals are available in three sizes with simple, attractive price points:  $5, $8 and $14.  A space-efficient floor display is available to present the entire journal collection.

vj-displayThere is an aggressive introductory promotion for Visual Journals.  Drop ship the Visual Journal Display Assortment ($1,920 Retail) and get 10% off plus a FREE display. Product will be available for shipment from Strathmore starting June 7. The introductory promotion will run through August 20, 2010. Drop ship minimums apply.
Contact your MacPherson’s or  Strathmore rep for more information on this exciting new program!

Meet Jessie, Art Dawg of the Month

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

This is Jessie.  He belongs to Sabina and Margaret of Art & Soul of Sebastopol (CA) and likes to hang out in their store.  When he is bored, he chews his paw, just like a human chews his or her fingernails.  Cute, huh? We think Jessie makes a perfect Art Dawg of the Month.



Introducing Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Fast drying oil color for underpainting and matte surfaces

Awarded “Best New Product” at NAMTA 2010 in Indianapolis, Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors are formulated to give oil painters a fast-drying oil color with excellent working properties and permanence.  The balanced color palette allows for great color mixing potential in a variety of oil painting techniques and styles.  When used for underpainting, the matte surface allows for maximum adhesion with subsequent layers.

Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors are completely compatible with all artists grade oil colors and will fit right into your existing Gamblin rack.

Assortments are an additional 10% off net, now through the end of Fall BTS, and will drop-ship direct from Gamblin (with no freight charges) beginning May 14, 2010. The item number for the assortment is GBFMATTE and the MSRP for the assortment is $795.30.

For more information, please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep or Kaitlin at Gamblin via email or by phone at 503.235.1945 x21

Golden Update Post-Namta 2010

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

NAMTA 2010
We’re excited to share that Golden Artist Colors was the recipient of the “Best Large Booth 2010” award!


Thank you to everyone who spent time with us to learn about new products, promotions and what’s in store for the future at Golden Artist Colors. We truly appreciate it. If you weren’t able to attend NAMTA this year, the above photo is just a snippet of what the booth looked like.

New Technical Application Information Sheets on GOLDEN Web site
There are two new Application Information Sheets on the Web site.
Below are direct links to information about Varnishing Watercolors and Guidelines for Clear or Lightly Tinted Textures, Layers, and Glazes.

Become a Fan of the GOLDEN Facebook Page

If you haven’t seen it already, please be sure to check out the GOLDEN Facebook page and make sure you become a fan!
Golden Facebook Fan Page
We welcome your additions to the page!


If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s sales representative.

Hot Off the Press! Canson’s New Pads Announced!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Canson introduced a complete new line of pads at NAMTA, including new Eco-Friendly Line featuring the World of Eric Carle ™ Illustrations.
“To better satisfy the needs of our loyal consumers, we enlisted professional artists and art professors to assist us in redesigning the entire range of Canson pads for optimum performance and usability. We are very pleased to introduce this new range of fine art pads,” said Bob Toth, VP of Marketing.
The new pad ranges include:
The Artist Series pads, designed for professional artists and those who have refined their skills, present the highest quality papers for artists who demand performance without compromise, and they are designed with understated black covers, subtle artwork and innovative binding features.

The Foundation Series pads, designed for art students and beginners, offer art enthusiasts the same high-performance papers artists choose, in pads with a lower sheet count and a lower price point.

The XL Series deliver superior quality papers and excellent construction in pads, while providing exceptional value.

The Eco-Friendly line of pads featuring the World of Eric Carle ™ illustrations, designed for children ages three to nine, provide a surface for young minds to express, create, learn and grow.  The new line includes pads for sketching, painting, tracing, and a variety of other creative activities.  All of the paper is quality, recycled and acid-free; the pads feature fold-over pad covers; and the cover is non-toxic, lead-free and soy-based.

The improved Canson pads are more durable, with heavier covers and innovative hidden Euro bindings that offer a sleek look that survives repeated opening and closing and ensures clean sheet removal that leaves the pad intact.  Additionally, Canson’s pioneering micro-perforations permit usage of true-size sheets that are now found on every student grade pad.

The new pad range complies with Canson’s ECO Pledges:
•             Made from sustainably managed forestry
•             Reduced energy consumption
•             Low emissions to air and water
•             Limited use of harmful chemicals
•             Recycling of waste materials

For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter @ CansonPaper, and on Facebook:
executives will be on hand to provide additional information.

Hot New Stuff from Enkaustikos

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

baggedsundriesfamilyaEnkaustikos, the manufacturer of Hot Cakes Encaustic Wax Paint, is now offering an entire line of sundries in eye-catching and re-sealable packages. The new packaging will allow art stores to capture a new source for sales. That is, while most art stores carry rabbit skin glue, damar crystals and beeswax, these products are typically placed on the lower shelf where they simply collect dust until a customer request comes in. However, with the new Enkaustikos packaging, retailers can move the sundries to a more prominent position in their store, either on a shelf or pegboard.  The package’s attractive labeling will catch customer attention and in turn, increase sales of sundries. Artists will fall in love with the re-sealable zip bag while retailers will enjoy the clean new look of the package with modern graphics and detailed product information.  There is no need to worry about spillage as these bags are actually heat-sealed to be tamper proof.  These sundries won “Best Packaging” at the NAMTA convention in April 2010.  It is the 2nd consecutive year Enkaustikos brought home that title.  In fact at NAMTA 2009, Enkaustikos won “Best Packaging” and “Best New Product” for the debut of their Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Encaustic Wax Paints.

The sundries line includes the following products:

These products are used for a variety of artistic purposes and to learn more detailed information or see images, visit the Enkaustikos website: Enkaustikos also has a YouTube page, Youtube Enkaustikos Channel, where encaustic techniques are highlighted in short video demonstrations.  These videos can be embedded on your store’s website to help increase encaustic sales.

MacPherson’s is offering 40/10 on all the sundries and a 50% discount on both wax mediums. Contact your rep for all the details.

New this Spring at ColArt!

Friday, April 9th, 2010

LIQUITEX has launched an innovative Acrylic Brush Range known as “”


lq-fs-displayThis professional quality range of 44 brushes are featured in a combination of unique large scale (mural sizes) as well as traditional detail sizes. The 24 detail brushes are available in the traditional round, bright, flat and filbert shapes and in sizes 2-12 in each. Each brush is made from the highest quality synthetic nylon mounted on a long bright green contoured handle with size stamped on the tip for easy identification.
The 20 Innovative Large Scale Brushes meet the needs of Acrylic Artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable, non-slip, matte handles crafted from the highest quality wood are paired with top-of-the line synthetic bristle heads resulting in artist quality brushes providing excellent durability for all large scale applications.

Sizes & Shapes featured:

  • Universal Flat in 1”, 2”, & 3”
  • Universal Angle in 1”, 2”& 3”
  • Broad Flat Short Handle in 4”, 6”, & 8”
  • Broad Flat long Handle in 1”, 2”, 3”& 4”
  • Giant size 5 1/2”
  • Splatter in round & flat shapes
  • Paddle Brush in 1”, 2”, 3” & 4”

All the Freestyle Brushes are featured as a complete assortment in ColArt’s Spring Promo* (ships April 15, 2010)
(*Buy the complete “” assortment and receive a FREE assortment of BASICS brushes valued at $900.30)

ColArt’s Spring Promo currently features all Winsor & Newton Water Colour Brush ranges at +10%
(CAP Dealers get + 10/10%- and don’t forget, CAP dealers get the extra discounts on MacPherson’s DC orders, too!)

Winsor & Newton Spring Water Colour Deals!
· All Cotman open-stock, asst’s & sets +10% (CAP Dealers +10/10%- and don’t forget, CAP dealers get the extra discounts on MacPherson’s DC orders, too!)
· CAP Exclusive: All Artist Water Colour tubes +10% (all sizes, open-stock & asst’s- and don’t forget, CAP dealers get the extra discounts on MacPherson’s DC orders, too!)

Liquitex Acrylics on Spring Promo:
· 2oz HB open-stock & asst’s: +5% (CAP’s get +10%)
· CAP Exclusives: HB 4.65oz tubes and 32oz jars, +10% (open-stock & asst’s- and don’t forget, CAP dealers get the extra discounts on MacPherson’s DC orders, too!)
· All Liquitex Acrylic Inks +10% (all sizes & asst’s)

All DERWENT Inktense & Graphitint pencils +10% (open-stock, asst’s, & sets)

Please see your MacPherson’s rep for all these great ColArt Spring savings!

Industry News

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Rick LepleyA.C. Moore Arts & Crafts Inc. reported on Wednesday March 24th  that it has named an interim CEO to replace Rick A. Lepley, who will retire March 31. Joseph A. Jeffries, executive vice president and chief operating officer, will take over as acting CEO at that time.

Strathmore Announces “Green” Contest Winners

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Strathmore® Artist Papers invited professional, hobby and student artists to create their own unique vision of a green environment as part of a “How Do You See Green” Illustration Contest. The company is proud to announce the four grand prize winners whose original artwork will be featured on special edition Strathmore Premium Recycled sketch and drawing pads this back-to-school season. Art scholarships have been awarded to the Columbus College of Art and Design and the Savannah College of Art and Design in the students’ names.
Thank you to all the retailers who supported this contest and to the artists who submitted entries.

Professional/Hobbyist Grand Prize Winner  Alice Feagan, The Green Life Eugene, OR

Professional/Hobbyist Grand Prize Winner Alice Feagan, The Green Life Eugene, OR

Professional/Hobbyist Grand Prize Winner  Olga Levitskiy, Growth  Randolph, NJ

Professional/Hobbyist Grand Prize Winner Olga Levitskiy, Growth Randolph, NJ

Student Grand Prize Winner  Eric Stumpf, Recycling Alive Columbus, OH  Columbus College of Art and Design

Student Grand Prize Winner Eric Stumpf, Recycling Alive Columbus, OH Columbus College of Art and Design

Student Grand Prize Winner  Katherine Cantrell, Breakthrough  Wooster, OH  Savannah College of Art and Design

Student Grand Prize Winner Katherine Cantrell, Breakthrough Wooster, OH Savannah College of Art and Design

Industry News – Jay Shapiro Tribute

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Here is the text from Macon, Georgia newspaper columnist Dick Yarborough that touchingly honors the memory of Binder’s Jay Shapiro.


YARBROUGH: Jay Shapiro never forgot that the customer comes first
Sometime ago I mentioned the worst customer service and the best customer service I ever received — all in the same week. I reprise the saga because the hero of the story recently and tragically died.

To refresh your memory, for a number of years I had done business with a local investment firm. The locals sold the company to a national concern and moved on. I assumed nothing would change with the new folks in charge. Silly me.

Soon after, I had a check to be deposited in my account. Because I didn’t have time to park, I told the crack staff to send someone down to pick up the check. That didn’t sit well with the crack staff. They were very busy and I was informed that the firm “wasn’t a drive-in bank.” Because I was a tad miffed (to put it mildly) with their arrogance, the firm added that it really didn’t want my business anymore. They fired me before I could tell them to allocate their assets where the sun doesn’t shine.

Happily, I put my meager money with a firm that seems to appreciate me if not my impact on their bottom line and we have lived happily ever after, even in this dumper of a market.

While this snit was under way, I read of a little wooden easel on sale at Binder’s Art Supplies in Atlanta, not far from the financial firm’s offices. The easel was $40 and small enough to leave at St. Simons for the times when I wished to scratch my artistic itch. When I arrived at the store, I was told they were sold out but more easels would arrive later that day. When I came back, still no easels.

This was turning out to be a bad-hair day. I was about as happy with Binders as I was at being told I was not dealing with a “drive-in bank.” That is when someone came over to inquire about my displeasure. He turned out to be one of the co-owners, Jay Shapiro. He said he would have one in the shop the next morning.

Sure enough, early the next morning I was the proud possessor of a little wooden easel. But how did the store manage to get one delivered during the night? It turns out that Mr. Shapiro got in his car at 10 p.m. and drove 20 miles to pick it up at the warehouse. He no doubt lost money on the sale, but he gained a loyal customer. Others have told me of similar efforts he made on their behalf. No customer request was too unimportant for this man.

Jay Shapiro, 57, died a couple of weeks ago of glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain tumor. He was diagnosed only a month or so before his death and I never got to tell him goodbye. He left us way too early.

In the meantime, the poobahs at the financial firm have turned over faster than IHOP pancakes. Interestingly, the locals who first got me and my nest egg into their firm have started a new asset management company. They are good, bright people and should do well in their new venture. But they won’t do it with my hard-earned money.

For some unfathomable reason, the organization has brought on board the same people who decided good customer service didn’t include getting their bohunkus downstairs from their plush offices to pick up my check and invest it for my family’s future. Can you imagine them driving across town after work to pick up a $40 wooden easel?

People can run their organizations as they choose. I can also spend my money where I choose. It’s not a hard choice. It depends on whether people want my business.

Why should all of this matter to you? Just remember that it doesn’t matter if you are selling widgets, want ads, ham sandwiches, sophisticated investment services or $40 wooden easels — it is all the same. The difference is in how you treat the customer. The customer comes first. Not your ego.

Too many companies have forgotten that. Jay Shapiro never did.

You can reach Dick Yarbrough at or P.O. Box 725373, Atlanta, Ga. 31139.

Read more: Dick Yarborough on Customer Service

Elmer’s Makes the New York Times!

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Below is a link to a recent New York Times online article featuring Elmer’s Glue-All.
Mary Beth Cowardin / Marketing Manager @ Elmer’s Products did a great job representing Elmer’s with back up from both of its agencies, SBC & Fahlgren-Mortine.  This feature was a result of the Glue-All and brand outreach Elmer’s did through Fahlgren.

New York Times feature on Elmer’s
Alan J. Braun – Regional Business Manager / New England

Check Out Prismacolor’s Cool New Web Site!

Friday, April 9th, 2010


Newly re-launched, Prismacolor (Sanford) has created a portal that engages the creative at heart. Check it out:

Prismacolor Web Site

Canson Eric Carle Product News

Friday, April 9th, 2010

basic-st_vhcWith the warmer temperatures arriving and the flowers blooming this spring, there is lots of buzz around the launch of Canson’s new Eco-Friendly line of art products for kids featuring the illustrations of world-renowned artist Eric Carle.  Since January, we have received great interest from mainstream media, mommy bloggers and art magazines, all of whom plan to review the new Eric Carle line in upcoming issues. Here are a few of the publications and blogs that are currently reviewing the product line:
·       Martha Stewart Living: plans to include the Eric Carle line in the Back to School issue this fall
·       SimplyWED Magazine: will run an article about how the Eric Carle line will make an excellent gift for children attending weddings, in its June issue
·       The Artist’s Magazine: will be running a review in their column “Supply Cabinet” in the July-August 2010 issue
·       Woulda Coulda Shoulda: a top mommy blog affiliated with women’s blog network BlogHer, will be reviewing the samples this spring
·       Somewhat Simple: another top mommy blog will be reviewing the samples

We have received excellent, positive feedback from many of the people we have contacted to sample the Eric Carle line, including:
“I am absolutely interested in your company! First off, Eric Carle is a favorite of mine and my kids love him too! I am not only a mom to 3, but I also teach preschool, and I am very aware and conscientious of how much “stuff” kids art projects call for. “—Stephanie from Somewhat Simple blog
“I’m delighted that we can showcase your fine product.”—Maureen Bloomfield, editor at The Artist’s Magazine
“The samples look great, we’re now thinking it would be a perfect fit into our Fall Back-to-School issue.”—Blake Ramsey, editor at Martha Stewart Living
At NAMTA, the Eric Carle line will be featured in a New Products video that will run on a big-screen TV in the convention center.
Join us in the excitement for our new Eric Carle Eco-Friendly line of products for kids!