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Industry News

Monday, August 18th, 2008

UK-based manufacturer of books, pads and filing products Tollit & Harvey has been acquired by French giant Exacompta Clairefontaine.

Jean Bourges president and CEO of Bourges Color, passed away April 22. Jean had a long and solid history in graphic communications. Her long study of color led to her receiving a patent for her color valuation classification system. In her early years Jean was very active in Namta, earning her a well deserved Lifetime Achievement award

On sad note, Lydia Nolan, founder of Art Things, died several days ago in her sleep at the age of 93. Lydia started the business in 1966, but her daughter Laurie Nolan has run the business since the beginning.

Peter Lota, buyer at Sam Flax NY has left the company after many years to pursue other opportunities.

Fil Lomeli of Santa Barbara City College Bookstore, last day will be 8/15/08 after 34 years. The new buyer is Toni Mendoza

Coming Soon to Tria – A unique feature of Letraset’s Tria Marker is its modular aspect – it’s easy to interchange and customize each marker by simply clipping the nib housings into place. Soon this modularity will be exploited even more fully with the introduction of a brand new Ultra Fine Nib attachment. This will be available separately, offering users pinpoint fine line accuracy in Tria colors

We are sad to report the passing of Ron Nelson, MacPherson‘s customer service person extraordinaire on August 12, 2008. Ron was an amazing guy to work with, so smart, so caring. He came to work at MacPherson‘s nearly 29 years ago on the great recommendation of his mom, Darlene. He mastered the arcane world of art materials, phone customer service and our company with an ease that made it look effortless. He was remembered by fellow team members and customers as a kind soul, great listener with a photographic memory. He was and still is famous in the art material world across America as the “Ron” in the renowned Ron/John team (John being longtime co-worker John Kaczmarzyk). We are so saddened by Ron‘s passing, not just as a team member, but more as a full fledged family member. You can’t be forgotten Ron, but you will be missed by so many. He was the beloved son of Ronald and Darlene Nelson; brother of Craig Nelson; uncle to Brie Nelson; and nephew of Kennard Nelson.

Congratulations to our Rachel Thompson who has been promoted to MacPherson‘s Print Publications Manager, reporting to Amy Kaczmarzyk. She’ll oversee all of printed collateral, and will supervise Tali Even-Kesef and Corinne Smith. Rachel will also act as Trade Show Coordinator, managing our CHA and NAMTA effort. Rachel has been at MacPherson’s for over 6 years.

Remembering Scott Stapleton

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Scott MacPherson Stapleton, 1/13/1983 - 7/24/2008The world lost a fine young man last month. Scott Stapleton, Frank’s 25-year old son, lost his life in an accident caused by a reckless driver in Turkey on July 24th. Scott and his friend Russell Latham were on a motorcycle adventure, touring around the Black Sea at the time.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the Stapleton family and their friends; Scott’s many, many friends; and the broad community of employees, former employees, customers and vendors who comprise what we call the MacPherson’s family. Frank, Pam (Frank’s adorable wife and Scott’s mom) and Claire (Frank’s daughter and Scott‘s younger sister) have been amazingly strong through this time of inexorable grief. Frank has impressed us yet again with his inner strength and his courage.

Quite a number of us at MacPherson’s have watched Scott and Claire grow up. These precocious kids would work at our Emeryville office during the summers, plus we’d get to spend time with them at our annual company events. What great memories we have of Scott, this dynamic kid who grew into a very accomplished young man! Scott was always so curious, and always seeking solutions to problems. And he’d keep us on our toes, too, coming out with witty one-liners when we didn’t even know he was listening to our conversations. And many in the industry have known of Scott and Claire, too. After all, it isn’t unusual for Frank to shed his “president of the company” mantle just long enough to boast about his amazing family. It’s a tragic loss.

Take comfort in this – we learned at Scott’s service that he lead an extremely good and very full life, sharing love, compassion and warmth across the country and all around the globe. He touched a lot of people who will hold him in their hearts forever. Peace be with you on your newest adventure, Scott. We’ll certainly miss you here on earth.

To read more about Scott:

Scott MacPherson Stapleton

The Stapleton‘s have set up a Scholarship in Scott‘s name to help underprivileged and qualified students afford the education that he received at the high school he loved so much, the College Preparatory School Donations may be made to the Scott MacPherson Stapleton Memorial Fund, c/o The College Preparatory School, 6100 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618.

Video of the Month – Store Portrait: Sam Flax, Atlanta

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Sam Flax Atlanta is a unique take on the traditional art material store. It’s huge – containing a wide variety of art supplies, unique papers, promotional products, custom framing, boutique gifts, computer supplies and studio furniture. The store is owned by Leonard and David Flax and lovingly managed by John Saltsman.

This video offers a brief look at their dedication to fair prices, creative store environment and unique and interesting products. Presented by their amazing senior buyer, Stacey Smith and John Saltsman himself!

Bill Hartman’s Golden Moment – August

Monday, August 18th, 2008

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics Flying Off Retailer Shelves!

Artists working in a variety of media and painting styles have begun experimenting with the new GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics and as a result, the product is flying off retailer shelves! The positive response from the artist community has been tremendous. Not only have we been hearing stories about how the products are being used, we’re also getting some great questions from customers regarding drying time and varnishing. This feedback confirms for us that because this is an entirely new type of acrylic unlike any other, there is an opportunity to continue to share technical information about the line. Below are links to Technical Information Sheets, which will provide your staff with helpful tips about the new OPEN Acrylics that they can then share with interested customers.

OPEN Acrylic Colors Product Information Sheet

OPEN Acrylic Mediums Product Information Sheet

OPEN Thinner Product Information Sheet

OPEN Application Guide

And for an even more in-depth look at the new OPEN Acrylics, be on the lookout for the next issue of the GOLDEN Just Paint newsletter, which will be mailed out late September. Mailed with the newsletter to over 16,000 artists and art educators in the United States and internationally, will be a sample pack of the products for mailing recipients to experiment with, so please make sure that your inventory is well positioned for the possibility of increased traffic to your store.

In addition to the positive feedback our new OPEN Acrylics are receiving, our new Digital Mixed Media products are also being well received. Through conversations with various retail locations carrying the digital products, we’re learning that where they’re seeing the greatest success with these products is when staff is experimenting with them. Having staff armed with “real” experience to be able to share with customers is proving to be a great resource. Another resource for the use of these products is the Mix More Media site

Lastly, we’d like to remind you that opportunities for promotional advertising up to 40% off continue until 9/30/08, at which time, the MAP Policy reverts back to every day discounting at up to 30% off.

Dan Canny’s Sanford August Facts

Monday, August 18th, 2008
  • The new Sharpie Pen will be available in all MacPherson’s warehouses by August 22. Consumer interest was high prior to the advertising and has done nothing but heighten since TV and Print Ads began to appear. Talk to your MacPherson’s representative so you can be sure to have an ample supply on hand for BTS and the remainder of the year.
  • The 60 ct. Prismacolor Pencil Set, item SA1744130 began shipping on August 1st. This set was designed for the Independent Fine Art Dealer and is not sold in chain stores. This set contains 52 different colors and extra pencils of the white, certain grays and the colorless blender. MacPherson’s plans to offer special pricing on this item, so contact your representative for the details. This set is ideal for the Independent Dealer to promote and sell to all customer groups.
  • Make sure to contact your MacPherson’s representative to get your Prismacolor Consumer rebate materials. The rebate applies to any Prismacolor product such as open stock pencils, markers and NuPastels versus a specific set or sets. Your customer can access the rebate form on line at Even if you run out of rebate materials, you can still advertise the rebate. You can print the form for use in store if necessary
  • Take advantage of MacPherson’s best prices on 12-, 24- and 48-color Prismacolor Pencil Sets. When you order the corrugate display ZSA1744731, your discount on that display and those pencil sets is 50/20%! That makes your net price on the 24-color Pencil Set Bonus Pack $13.74 and $27.07 on the 48 color Pencil Set Bonus Pack. Your price on the 12-color Pencil Set is $6.87. The smart dealer will buy additional displays so that the Pencil Set Bonus Packs can be used for Holiday or 2nd Semester BTS. The display is available while supply lasts. The display has BTS graphics, but the trays are removable and can be used to merchandise shelves and end caps for Holiday and 2nd Semester BTS. Click here for the rebate form.

Speaking of Prismacolor Pencil Set Bonus Packs……

  • Prismacolor is offering two Pencil Set Bonus Packs for BTS 2008. The 24-color Prismacolor Pencil Set will have the 12ct Prismacolor NuPastel Set attached to it at no additional charge. This is a 41% value at MSRP in free goods! The item number is SA1743688. This set is contained in the Prismacolor BTS Corrugate Floorstand.
  • The 48-color Pencil Set will have the SA3750 Prismacolor Sketch Accessory Set attached to it. This is a 21% value at MSRP in free goods! That item number is SA1743333. This set is contained in the Prismacolor BTS Corrugate Floorstand.
  • The Prismacolor Artist Competition judging has not yet concluded. We will make an announcement once we have our winners.

Elmer’s August News from Mike Mankowsky

Monday, August 18th, 2008

I am very happy to announce several exciting new product additions that will be featured in the upcoming September/October SMIAB. They include:

  • Water Wow – New mess-free technology in Elmer’s branded items. Add water to the unique brush that is included with the set and see colors and patterns magically appear as you paint! Colors disappear when it’s dry, so the boards can be used over and over! Ages 2 and up. Great for teaching basic motor skills and familiarizing children with using a brush and painting. Available in 2 versions – Amazing Water Park and Magical Mermaids. Each set contains 4 separate themed painting boards.
  • Painters Leafing Pens – Brand new from Elmer’s….Platinum, Copper and Gold Leafing Pens. Create metallic highlights and accents for any art or craft project. The product is permanent and streak-free. Contains a chisel tip applicator, which is 4.3mm in width. Also great for touching up frames and the Leafing Pens are all acid free. Priced very economically compared to other competitive brands.

Also, be on the lookout for these newly added products which will be promoted for the holidays.

  • Conte Crayon Matchbox Crayon Set – Counter top display contains 24 Conte “Matchbox” containers of 4 Conte crayons each. These boxes slide in and out like a conventional matchbox and provide a great storage space and travel box for the crayons. The crayons are nested within a sponge insert within the box. Outstanding consumer value: cost of this 4 pack of Conte crayons is the same as purchasing 2 crayons blister carded. Each box contains a White, Black, Bistre, and Sanguine Conte crayon.
  • Conte 48-Color Wooden Box Crayon Set – Includes full range of 48 colors of Conte Crayons. Luxury wooden box serves as an attractive storage container for the crayons. This set offers a great value in that an assortment of sketching pencils, blending stump, tortillion, and eraser are included at no additional charge, as compared to the normal price of a 48 color crayon set. An exceptional gift item!
  • Conte 18 Color Blue Box Crayon Set – Incredible value… 6 free colored crayons: receive 18 for the price of 12! Features a unique, protective storage box with 3 drawers that pull out from different sides and hold 6 crayons each. Unlimited uses: sketching, portraits, still life, and landscapes.
  • Scientific Explorer Science Activity Kits – These fun based kits provide loads of educational and entertainment value to kids age 4 and up. Scientific Explorer is a recent acquisition of Elmer’s. For 15 years, the company has been creating science activity kits that are unmatched in the specialty retail field. The focus continues to be on building critical thinking skills, engaging imaginations, and above all, making science fun. These sets are terrific add-on impulse items that serve as great gifts, as well as providing ideal projects for summer time fun, science fairs, rainy day activities, etc. Choose from such unique and fun titles as Disgusting Science, Sour Candy Factory, Meteor Rocket, My First Chemistry Kit, Perfumery, and others.
  • Special Note: The Disgusting Science and Sour Candy Factory Kits will be featured in the CCC & MacPherson’s Holiday Custom Flyer.

Please contact your MacPherson’s sales representative for details on any of these dynamite new products.

Craig’s August ’08 ColArt News

Monday, August 18th, 2008

During these current challenging economic times it’s understandable that “belt-tightening” measures must occur in order to survive. However, these tactics should not be at the expense of strategic purchasing and promoting of essential brands and ranges that are critical to the success of the upcoming Back-to-School sales. That being said, you still have time to take advantage of these essential ColArt ranges from MacPherson‘s at substantial savings:

  • All Artist Oil Colours (37ml & the NEW 200ml tubes)
  • All Winton Oil Colours
  • Galeria 200ml Acrylics
  • All W&N Canvas
  • New Liquitex Acrylic Inks & BASICS Gesso
  • All Derwent Pencil Tins (Including the NEW Tinted Charcoal

CAP Dealers can really add to their bottom line by stocking up on:

  • Liquitex Heavy Body & Soft Body 2oz. tubes
  • Galeria 60ml Acrylic Tube Colour & Mediums
  • Don’t forget our “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” W&N Brush assortment promotion!

This is a tremendous opportunity to promote your best selling W&N Brush range(s) at unheard of savings.

Promote brushes at +60% off list and still realize 50% GM! Now that’s a true “Win-Win” deal!

Please contact your MacPherson’s rep to take advantage of these and all the other ColArt BTS savings before it’s too late!

LIQUITEX Soft Body 2oz Tubes
*CAP Dealers Only

*CAP Dealers Only

W&N’s NEW Artists’ Oil Colour 200ml Buy Big, Save Big! Save up to 50% over 37ml when you buy 200ml!

••New thick rich formula for great coverage
••Improved eye catching labeling
••Convenient 250ml squeeze tube
••Easy pour jugs in ½ gallon and gallon sizes
••No-mess pumps available separately, see order form for code information

NEW! Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink
• 30 intense bold colors in 30ml glass dropper bottle
• 10 best selling colors in 150ml PET bottle
• Extremely fluid – no need to dilute for air brushing or calligraphy
• Super fine pigments in state of the art acrylic emulsion.
• Fast drying, water resistant, non-clogging and permanent
• Intermixable with all other Liquitex Acrylics and Mediums
• A balanced line of opaque and transparent colors

Two Convenient Professional Liquitex Acrylic Ink Assortments

NEW! DERWENT Tinted Charcoal
• Combines the dramatic beauty of charcoal with a gentle hint of colour
• Can be smudged & blended for deep rich tones
• Sharpens to a fine point for detail
• 24 Subtle colours including white for burnishing and highlights
• Available in Blister Card of 6, Tins of 12 & 24, and a Tub of 72

Buy 2 get 1 free*
Purchase 2 Winsor & Newton Brush Assortments and get the third one FREE*

*Assortment with lowest net price is FREE New & existing placements
Free freight

Chartpak Mid-Summer’s News from Steve Rossney

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Check out our great deals on Ad Marker, and Pickett and Rapidesign Template Assortments for Back-to- School.
Chartpak’s Tri-nib Ad Markers are outstanding when particularly brilliant colors and exceptional non-streaking, non-feathering qualities are desired. Blend, shade and color large surfaces with perfect, even coverage. Ad Markers are ideal for every drawing use, from crisply articulated tight comps to architectural renderings to expressive art. Ad Markers, with their non-toxic, solvent-based formula, render unique and remarkable results on all sorts of surfaces. Try them on paper, vellum, art board, laminates, acrylics, ceramics, and even natural surfaces such as eggshells and seashells. Ad Markers are “the tools your imagination will love”. Ad Markers are available in three assortments:
ZCHMKR48 – 48 color assortment in “modular rack”
ZCHMKRASST72 – 72 color assortment in “modular rack”
ZCHADSRLOAD130 – Complete 130 color assortment in “spinner display”
Now through 12/31/08 all Ad Marker assortments are available at 50/35% and include free freight and free rack.
Chartpak’s three new template assortments are available in a Pickett Template/Vinyl sign assortment, a Rapidesign Template assortment, and a combo Pickett and Rapidesign assortment. Pickett and Rapidesign have been the template “standard” for years. The assortments:
ZPKTMPAST001 – Pickett Templates and Vinyl Lettering Assortment
ZPKTMPAST002 – Rapidesign Template Assortment
ZPKTMPAST003 – Pickett and Rapidesign Combo Assortment
Now through 12/31/08 all Template assortments are available at 60/5%, free freight and include our beautiful new packaging, and efficient new rack at no charge.
Contact Steve Rossney or your MacPherson’s Rep for details.

Industry News

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Mixed Media in Doylestown, PA will become Phoenix Art Supply soon, under new sole owner Margaret Matheson.

Marsha Fowler, guiding light behind The Art Store in Nashville, TN has left to care for her elderly mother in North Carolina. Thanks for that smile and all those great years, Marsha!

Michaels Stores announced that Elaine D. Crowley will be its Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer, effective August 18, 2008. Elaine is currently the Vice President and Treasurer at the Bombay Companies

Utrecht art supply will open its second Wisconsin location on the campus of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) in the Historic Third Ward during the week of Aug. 11th.

Our sincere condolences to Cynthia Alderice, owner of American Art in Annapolis, MD, whose husband passed away recently.  They were married 55 years.

Chartpak News from Steve Rossney

Monday, August 4th, 2008

In 1905, Max Grumbacher began his business as a small importer of brushes for fine art, sign, and scenery painting. Each brush was made by hand, with the hair, ferrules and handles carefully selected with the artist in mind. Max felt that the quality that went into crafting a brush was reflected in the artwork it produced. Grumbacher is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of fine brush making. Each brush is still hand made with special attention to the hair, ferrule and handle. We are committed to upholding the reputation that Grumbacher brushes have had among artists since those early days at the turn of the century. To that end, we have dramatically improved the brushes in our line.

Gainsborough is a professional grade interlocked Chungking hog bristle with natural flags. The line is the premier line of all hog bristle brushes. The Bristlette brush line remains the standard in oil and acrylic long handle white taklon brushes and contains 4 different diameter filaments allowing for an ideal balance of stiffness and color lay down. Goldenedge has a beautiful new handle and a new gold plated brass ferrule and now has a “sister series” in a long handle oil and acrylic. The new oil and acrylic Goldenedge is made with four different filaments of a mixture of Japanese Golden Toray and Korean Konex. The new Degas brush line is a professional oil and acrylic grade. This unique line is a mixture of seven different filaments. The brushes are stiff enough to push the heaviest body oil or acrylics while being supple enough for the most delicate of glazes. Degas brushes are ideal for acrylic, oils, and especially water miscible oils. The Academy brush ranges offer good quality at a great price. They are available in white synthetic; short handle for watercolor, and long handle for acrylic and oil, and a stiffer, long handle Hog Bristle for acrylic and oil. The Academy range precisely aligns with the Academy line of colors allowing the consumer to instantly understand the positioning of the brushes providing for enhanced self service and, ultimately, better customer satisfaction. Grumbacher also offers a collegiate grade of assorted natural hair watercolor brushes.

We are pleased to offer assortments and displays to feature our enhanced brush line. Our brush racks are made of black and green glass acrylic that make viewing each brush easier than ever. We currently have 9 different assortments for Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil painting. Each assortment comes with our new display and merchandising kit. Brush assortments are drop shipped at 70/25% off, including free freight, free rack and merchandising kit. Contact your MacPherson’s rep for details.

Don Bradley’s Strathmore/Pacon News

Monday, August 4th, 2008


1. Real tools you can use! Strathmore’s web site is much more than an online brochure.
2. Sign on is easy! Get access to the Distributor/Retailer section immediately. Just go to, click on “Distributor/Retailer” link on left hand side. Then select “Register here.”
3. Order marketing materials online! Request merchandising, swatchbooks and brochures. It’s faster and easier than placing a call or sending an e-mail!
4. Get the latest new product information! For example, retailers can download information on “How to Host a Successful ATC Swap” from the Distributor/Retailer home page.
5. View all of Strathmore’s merchandising materials, then place your online order! Be sure to check out new Greener Options and Charcoal Hemp headers and shelf talkers.
6. Sign up for the Artist eNewsletter and receive quarterly newsletters that feature articles written by artists as well as other art topics.
7. Misplaced your catalog or product brochure? You can download Strathmore’s catalog, product brochures and current promotion immediately.
8. Promote your store on Strathmore’s web site. Use the “Contact Us” form in the Distributor/Retailer section to submit store and location information and we will add you to our “Where to Buy List.”
9. Looking for Greener options? Find a list of all of our products that feature environmental benefits. Just click on the “Greener Options” spot located on our home page.
10. Be heard! Do you have ideas or comments that you’d like to share with Strathmore Artist Papers? Share your thoughts using the “Contact Us” form in the Distributor/Retailer section of our site.

Kevin’s Canson News: Introducing Amsterdam Expert Professional Grade Acrylic

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Amsterdam Acrylic Expert is the newest offering from renowned color manufacturer Royal Talens. Made of the best ingredients, this heavy body professional series acrylic is the result of pure craftsmanship.

Many student artists began painting with Amsterdam Standard Series (Van Gogh Acrylic); now Amsterdam Expert Series allows them to continue their growth as an artist with brand that they already know and trust. Because Amsterdam is less expensive than other professional grade acrylics, it makes it easier for students to make the leap to a better paint sooner, and we know from experience those artists who use superior quality products enjoy better results and choose to paint more.

Available in 70 vibrant colors in both 75ml and 150ml clear recyclable tubes, Amsterdam Expert boasts a high degree of pigmentation. Twenty-eight single pigment colors ensure superior color mixing, plus all 70 colors feature maximum light-fastness.

Whether it’s Amsterdam Standard Series or Amsterdam Expert, Royal Talens has an acrylic to fit the need of every artist. Through the end of August, Amsterdam Expert assortments (ZRB550-7160 & ZRB550-7162) are available from MacPherson’s at an incredible 50/25/20% off drop ship with free freight and free rack.

Elmer’s and Bienfang News from Mike Mankowsky!

Monday, August 4th, 2008

New at MacPherson’s – Scientific Explorer
Scientific Explorer is a manufacturer of children’s science activity kits that are unmatched in the specialty retail market. The company has been in business for 15 years and the focus has always been on building critical thinking skills, engaging imaginations, and above all, making science fun. The company was acquired by Elmer’s in October 2006, and the acquisition has allowed both companies to expand the roles they play in the education and specialty market. It is especially noteworthy that the marketing and sales efforts for Scientific Explorer will continue to be directed to the specialty retail channels, rather than seeking placement in mass market accounts.
MacPherson’s previewed some sets to a few retailers at the Summer CHA show and they were a huge hit! We are adding an outstanding selection of Scientific Explorer kits and they will be featured in the next SMIAB. They include the following items:

· EL200 – Meteor Rocket
· EL210 – My First Science Kit
· EL214 – Spa Science
· EL221 – Mind Blowing Science
· EL222 – Disgusting Science
· EL223 – Perfumery
· EL247 – Magic Science Wizards
· EL256 – Sour Candy Factory
· EL508 – My First Chemistry Kit
· EL509 – Fizzy, Foamy Science

These kits offer a great variety of activities that selectively appeal to both boys and girls and encompass both pre-school and elementary age groups. They are extremely popular with kids and adults and the common sized box covers feature a zany, highly distinctive creative approach to the design and graphics. Uniform pricing makes it easy to display and promote the line on end caps and at a singular price point.

Scientific Explorer kits are the only ones endorsed by the Department of Education and the company has been the recipient of many industry awards, including the Best Toy Award by the 2008 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and the 2007 Toy of the Year Award by Family Fun Magazine. Please contact your MacPherson’s sales representative for additional information on this exciting new line.

Fascinating Facts About Elmer’s. Did you know that…
More than 47 million elementary school students use Elmer’s Glue on a weekly basis.

Elmer’s Glue is the color white because of the natural reaction of the raw materials used to make the glue. No animal products are used in making Elmer’s Glue.

Elmer’s Glue was used to build a pasta bridge that could support 2,350 lbs. The bridge was built by a high school student and was the winning entry in a pasta-bridge building contest held in Rhode Island.

Letraset News: The Manga Phenomenon Continues

Monday, August 4th, 2008

With summer conventions across the US attracting many thousands of visitors, demand for all things Manga is set to reach new levels.

To help retailers maximize the opportunity, Letraset has overhauled its popular Manga Art range. The great-value Manga Pack and Comic Art Sets get a fresh update, and new Manga ProMarker pack additions complement the range. Also just available is a compact Manga ProMarker Display featuring 20 selected colors – ideal for first time entry into this growing market.

With pack format and display options to suit all requirements there’s never been a better time to make the most of Manga!

New Tools for Winning in a Tough Economy: Multi-Channel Marketing; Part 1-Custom Website

Monday, August 4th, 2008

No matter what size retailer you are, you can extend and expand the reach of your store with Multi-Channel Marketing from Creative Catalog Concepts (CCC) and MacPherson’s. Flyers, Calendars, Catalogs, Postcards and e-commerce websites, combined together, pack a powerful marketing punch. Studies show that customers of multi-channel retailers spend 30% more than customers of single-channel retailers, and for every $1 spent online, the Internet influences consumers to spend another $6 in stores.

Custom Website for e-Commerce Now you can sell art materials online! Keep your store open to your customers 24/7 and expand your reach. CCC will custom design a website with online shopping for you – to your specifications. You choose what to sell online.

Now, we’ve heard that the good ol’ boys down in Louisiana are planning to offer their own custom web site to art supply retailers for free. All we ask is that you check out very carefully what you put your good name to and don’t forget the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. The folks at CCC are pros who do this kind of stuff for a living. Unless you already have a lot of experience in web marketing, you may need a knowledgeable partner like CCC to get your site off the ground. Do you really want to put something as “mission critical” as your web site development in the hands of non-professionals? CCC has a proven track record and the experience and expertise to help you avoid the most costly mistakes. We offer the most extensive art supply catalog in the industry and not only does our database contain 30,000 skus to select from, but it is also fully illustrated, with professional consumer friendly product descriptions. Our search algorithms allow the easiest ways to locate obscure products this side of Google and you know what that means; happier customers, buying more products! Even better, you can add your own product selection whether or not the lines are stocked by MacPherson’s or purchased direct.

You control prices, shipping charges, and more. Save time and let MacPherson’s fulfill online orders––packages will be shipped directly to your customer, with your store name on the packing slip. Order fulfillment from MacPherson’s will be available in the second half of 2008.
From $129.95*

The best part of all is that you can single source the entire product selection from your trusted partner at MacPherson’s. Our mission is to support your success!

Check out the Creative Catalog Concepts website for more details (CCC Website) and make contact for a personal no obligation consultation with them today. Call Sally at (800)-260-1353.

Modello Supersoft Play Clay from Lyra

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Modello Play KitOkay, we know, it’s not exactly intuitive that the next big innovative idea in kid’s modeling clay is from the famous German pencil company, Lyra. We were shaking our heads, too, until we tried their new Modello kit. This super-soft children’s modeling clay is suitable for even the smallest hands and gradually hardens once exposed to air. The twist is that it can be re-constituted again by soaking it in water for 1-2 hours! Once hardened, it can be painted. This set includes 5.3 oz. each of blue, red, white and yellow in resealable plastic cups. It also contains a silicone mould for easy shape making. For ages 3 and up.

Don’t forget, Summer is the perfect time to introduce a project related item like Modello. Moms will love this item all through the long summer months.

Click here for all the details