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Art Dog Of The Month: Cody

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Introducing this month’s Art Dog, Cody—a spunky people-loving pup from North Hollywood, CA. He is just about three and was rescued from the East Valley Shelter in LA by his humans Jenia and Chris Hauser of Carter Sexton Art Supplies. Jenia gives us the scoop on his hairdo, what he loves and his deepest, darkest fears…

The Dog With A Blue Mohawk modeling beside The Girl With A Pearl Earring

“Cody’s hair color change was a BIG surprise to his mom and his brother Zack. They went out of town for a weekend in July and came home to a blue dog with a mohawk. Chris Hauser’s creative genius in action. Needless to say they haven’t gone out of town since.

Cody loves people; he is a tail wagger and a licker. He loves his toy Llama and enjoys broccoli for a snack. He is not, however, a fan of car rides and of not being able to lick everyone who comes through the door. Which has disqualified him from being a shop dog. He came to the store regularly for the first year with our family, but gradually transitioned to staying home and lounging on the couch during the day.

Cody also, for unknown reasons, hates the green broom and the kitchen trash can.”

Art Dog Of The Month: Q

Monday, September 24th, 2018
Catherine Monahon, Copywriter, MacPherson’s


We are pleased to feature a member of the Mac Fam for this month’s Art Dog! Q is Merchandise Manager Cathy Denny’s beloved pup. Possibly a Rottweiler of some kind, Q was in a high kill animal shelter earlier this year when Cathy and her husband discovered him. Q likes to sit in on team meetings, partake in distracting .GIFs (very silly mini-videos that loop constantly) and hang out under our desks.

Art Dog of the Month: Wonton

Monday, August 27th, 2018
Catherine Monahon, MacPherson’s Copywriter

Wonton has mastered shaggy-chic – a perfect look for the beloved mascot of Raw Materials in Downtown Los Angeles! Not only is he always at the store, an employee with a knack for illustration incorporates him into promotions, sales, events and insta pics. His humans are Jim and Celia of Raw Materials.

Jackson the Art Dog

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Meet Jackson, this month’s Art Dog! His human is Susan Smith from the Art Coop in Champaign, IL. A pup with an appreciation for the arts, Jackson is rocking an official Art Coop t-shirt while strutting his stuff at a recent store gallery opening. The in-store gallery showcases local artists and non-profit groups throughout the year; this most recent show featured longtime employee and fine artist Jason Patterson, who has his last day with Art Coop in the coming weeks. He uses dry media on canvas and, until his departure, they are having a 20% off sale on “Things Jason Patterson Loves” – pastels, pencils, charcoal, spray fix and canvas.