Walter Foster News from Dan Weidner

Get ready for your back-to-school customers with these must-have books that can help take any artist’s painting skills to the next level.

Utilizing the Color Mixing Recipe books from Walter Foster you can help your shoppers take the mystery out of mixing color. The Color Mixing Recipe Series began with a system developed by William F. Powell, one of Walter Foster’s more prolific authors and a renowned master of color. The system he devised includes a printed acetate color mixing grid to measure specific amounts of each color in a recipe. These recipes expand the color possibilities from a more limited basic palette to create hundreds of colors.

Color Mixing Recipes for Oil and Acrylic (FOCRC-2) has more than 450 color combinations and the proper mixing quantities to create each color. In addition to the color recipes, there is an explanation on the basics of color theory, portrait colors, hue, values and color intensity. Artists love the range of colors they can mix utilizing the recipes this book. The Color Mixing Recipes for Portraits (FOCRC-3) provides the recipes for over 500 color combinations for skin, eyes, lips and hair. This reference takes away the mystery of the difficult color mixing variations encountered when painting portraits. The most recent addition to the series is Color Mixing Recipes for Watercolor (FOCRC4). This book is divided into sections covering color theory, color recipes, value recipes, intensity recipes, portrait colors and a color guidance index. It is a fantastic reference for any watercolor artist to get the most out of a basic assortment of tube colors.

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