Elmer’s and Bienfang BTS News from Mike Mankowsky

A variety of new products and programs were well received by the attending retailers at the very successful NAMTA show, and MacPherson’s will be featuring the following new products in the July/August SMIAB:

  • Elmer’s Clear Glue – It dries clear, is flexible when dry, is ideal for children, and is washable, safe and not-toxic. 78% of moms indicate that they will purchase this product. Available in a 5 oz. size.
  • Elmer’s Glue-All Dual-Tip Glue Pen – Designed with 2 applicators; a fine point-tip for precise application and a broad-tip spreader for bigger jobs.
  • Elmer’s School Glue Dual-Tip Glue Pen – Same great features as the Glue-All Dual-Tip, but in a washable formula. All Elmer’s school glues now feature the unique no-run formula.
  • Conté Crayon Matchbox Display – Unique sliding matchbox design package contains an assortment of black, white, bistre and sanguine Conté Crayons in a sponge insert. They all offer a high pigment composition and unlimited possibilities of use: sketches, portraits, landscapes and still life. The 24-piece counter display features 4-crayon boxes with a list price of $4.02 – the same price as the 2 crayon card. A great value!

During the BTS season, remember to take advantage of the recently introduced Guideline foamboard from Elmer’s. Available in traditional white and black-on-black, these 20″ x 30″ foamboards feature faint gridlines printed on one side. The white version comes in a 2-sheet shrink-wrapped pack that contains a color slip-sheet. The black-on-black is available in a 10-sheet carton (single sheets, no shrink wrap). Also available is the 36″ x 48″ Project Display Board version in white.

The BTS promotion is now hitting the streets, with outstanding values on X-Acto, Conté, Bienfang and Elmer’s. In particular, you can maximize your profitability and turns by taking advantage of the BTS drop ship program, which provides extended discounts and free freight on drop shipments of Bienfang pads totaling just $1,500 list. Any of our other products can then be added with additional discounts and free freight. Use the newly updated 2′ and 4′ planograms for adhesives, X-Acto products, and Elmer’s kid’s products as a checklist to isolate key SKUs you might be missing and as a guide to most effectively organize and merchandise these items.

Ask your MacPherson’s sales representative for details and information on any of the above-mentioned new products or programs.

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