Holbein Coming Soon to MacPherson’s

We are pleased to announce that beginning in February,  MacPherson’s will be stocking a very complete selection of the popular Holbein Artist’s Colors.

In the words of Tim Hopper, Sales VP for HK Holbein, “Holbein sells no entry level paint. Our founder believed that students who start out with inferior paints will have to overcome unnecessary obstacles in reaching their creative potential and therefore it is a false economy. The company employs 12 color chemists who have achieved astonishing results across 12 lines of artist colors. Extra care has been taken in the formulation of our paints to achieve uniform consistency between colors regardless of the varying pigments used. The result is an unrivaled painting experience.”

MacPherson’s will stock in excess of 1,500 skus from color lines that include:

  • Artist Watercolors in 15ml tubes, HWC (108 colors that contain no Oxgall, giving greater creative control)
  • Artist Oil Colors-AOC (147 colors, 11 transparent glazing colors, 4 foundation colors and 6 whites)
  • Duo Aqua Oil Colors, the only artist grade water-soluble oil available (100 highly pigmented colors that are cleaned up using soap and water)
  • Irodori Antique Watercolors (48 colors manufactured to replicate 1,500 year old Japanese palette)
  • Acryla Gouache (107 highly pigmented Acrylic-based colors in 20ml tubes that dry to the same mat finish as Holbein Designer Gouache)
  • Acryla Acrylic Colors (78 colors in 40 ml tubes)
  • Mat Acrylic Colors (36 intensely pigmented colors in 100ml tubes)
  • Aeroflash Liquid Acrylic Colors (64 pigmented acrylic resin based colors in 35ml “drop top” jars – 22 Transparent, 28 Opaque & 14 Pearl Iridescents. These amazing paints will not clog a .1 mm airbrush tip and work fine in a technical pen.
  • Artist Oil Pastels (141 colors in a square stick format, they feel like fine chalk only without the dust!)
  • Soft Pastels (144 colors, soft powder richness with incredible blending and covering power)
  • Drawing Inks (13 brilliant colors in 30ml jars)
  • And more!… like Maxon Chalk Markers, Holbein 1188 Tie Spiral-Bound Journals, Glitter Paint, Gesso Colors, etc.

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