Dan Canny’s Sanford May Facts

  • The new Back-to-School Prismacolor corrugated floor display was received very well at NAMTA. The quantities are modest and MacPherson’s is offering the display at a 50/20% (60%) discount off of the $1,472.22 MSRP for BTS.
  • Perfect for impulse purchase placement throughout the year and particularly at BTS are the new eraser 72-piece display canisters. Available filled with Pink Pearl erasers (SA70521), Kneaded erasers (SA70531), or the Design Artgum erasers (SA73030).
  • The Prismacolor Accessories tray is a convenient corrugated counter display that contains the Design Multi-Pack Eraser Set (SA73318), Prismacolor Sketch Accessory Set (SA3750) and the Prismacolor Turquoise Sketch Accessory Set (SA24187). All three of these items are great BTS items and should be in a high visibility location in your store during the BTS season.
  • Designed for the independent fine art dealer, the new Prismacolor 60-Piece Pencil Set contains 52 different colors and extra pencils in white, certain grays and the colorless blender. MacPherson’s is extending a special 50/10% off promotion on this item for BTS, so you’ll win when you add it to your own BTS promo.
  • The Prismacolor Artist Competition ends on May 31, 2008. The 2009 version will kick off in August 2008, so there will be plenty of lead-time for potential entrants. Sanford has received well over 500 entries to date and expect evenmore before the close of the contest. Thanks to all of you for helping publicize the contest.

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