Chartpak News from Steve Rossney

Chartpak unveiled its new merchandising concept at NAMTA this year. This concept features Chartpak, Grumbacher, Koh-I-noor, Pelikan and Maco brands as a “Store Within a Store.” The concept includes the beautiful new Grumbacher acrylic paint and brush displays, metallic headers, custom branding posters, shelf labeling strips, and specific power panels with merchandising headers included.

grumbacher brushes
In the past 18 months Chartpak has launched 9 new brush assortments under the Grumbacher brand, brought back the hallmark of professional watercolor with the launch of Grumbacher Finest Watercolor and revamped the paint sets with new, attractive, up-to-date packaging. Koh-I-noor’s packaging was also updated and several new items were introduced.

Retailers will definitely benefit from Chartpak’s new, integrated marketing initiative, historic brands and the extensive range of products offered. Contact your MacPherson’s rep for info on setting up the new merchandising concept in your store!

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