Big Kolo Announcement

We are very excited and pleased to announce that we have finalized an agreement with Kolo for Kolo products to become a brand exclusive to MacPherson’s!

Kolo is a 14-year-old, US-based company that offers top quality albums and accessories for photos and presentation.  Kolo has built a strong brand name with consumers through its attention to every detail in the quality and function of its products.  Kolo needed a strong partner for the distribution and sales side of the business and MacPherson’s was its logical choice. Their goal and ours will be improvements in customer service levels at the retail level with a special emphasis on providing consistently high fill rates. By outsourcing its customer interface, Kolo can focus on its strengths: innovative product development, high quality manufacturing and superior brand management.

MacPherson’s will become the exclusive importer for Kolo in North America, with exclusive distribution to the arts & crafts channel as well as a few other select channels. We have already placed orders for 3 containers to ship directly from the factory in Hong Kong to our warehouses set to arrive in November. As with our other Exclusive Brands, we’ll be implementing increased sales and marketing efforts to broaden Kolo’s exposure to our entire customer base while increasing sales to our existing Kolo customers.  The official transition date is November 15th.

For additional information about our Kolo offering, get in touch with your MacPherson’s sales contact.

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