Elmer’s News – January 2009

Elmer’s National Advertising
Need some help stimulating sales?  Plan ahead to take advantage of the most extensive range of Arts and Crafts national advertising and promotions that Elmer’s has ever scheduled.

  • Television Advertising will focus on Elmer’s Go Paint! line of kid’s arts and crafts kits.  These products offer a “no mess” solution to kid’s painting activities because the paint only works on the special Go Paint! paper that is included in the set.  There will be 2 flights of ads aired in 2009, with the first starting in March and the second during November/December.  Participating networks include TLC, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, HGTV, USA, Food Network, and ABC Family.
  • Web Marketing. Elmer’s website is constantly being modified and enhanced for new product launches.  There are fun filled consumer online projects, along with a section devoted to games and online painting.  Check it out at www.elmers.com.

Consumer Promotions

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s Promotion. Find great savings on Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza, drinks, and tokens in specially marked packages of Go Paint! throughout the year.   There will also be special tray liners promoting the program throughout Chuck E. Cheese’s location.   There are over 500 Chuck E. Chesse restaurants in 48 states that serve more that 77M people each year – most of which are Elmer’s target audience.

Children’s art and craft products continue to grow in sales as they encourage creativity and self expression, build confidence, help develop motor skills, and are a fun activity.  When shopping for these items, parents are on the lookout for brands they trust for meeting all quality and safety expectations, and  for convenience with activities that eliminate mess and worry, while providing quick gratification for their children.  Go Paint! more than satisfies all these criteria, and MacPherson’s carries Go Paint! products.  So be sure to maintain distribution on an everyday basis and order in added stock prior to the national advertising.

Elmer’s POP Materials
Help drive your retail sales by taking advantage of these new display materials.  They are both free of charge, but the supply is limited.

  • X-ACTO Product Header – This vinyl display header is the perfect topper for your X-ACTO section.  It measures 24” x 6” and comes complete with 2 self adhesive plastic feet, that allow you to mount the header on the top of a product fixture.
  • Conte Posters -We have 2 full color Conte posters available, one featuring Conte Crayons, and the other Conte Sketching Pencils.  They are printed on both sides, measure 16” x 24”, and feature 2 grommet holes for easy hanging.

Please drop me a note at mmankowsky@elmers.com , indicating which of these POP pieces you would like, and I will have them sent directly to you.

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