MacPherson’s Does Class Kits!

It’s never too soon to be planning to make the Fall Back to School Season your store’s best ever. MacPherson’s recognizes the importance of aligning with the art professors and offering pre-made kits is a great way to help students start their first day of an art course with everything needed on the supply syllabus. Why not let MacPherson’s build the kits so you can concentrate on strengthening your relationship with the art instructors through more one on one face-time?  Our online kit‐building process turns your tedious kit process into an efficient turn‐and‐earn proposition.

• Kit contents and kit names will be saved for your reordering convenience
• All kits come individually packaged in an appropriately sized, see-through polybag
• Custom packaging is available upon request
• Unique kit bar code labels are available upon request
• 45-Day lead time is required for kit order fulfillment

Ask your MacPherson’s sales contact for all the details or visit MacPhersonArt.Com and go to ONLINE EXPRESS > KIT CENTER for a next day quote. Or, work with your MacPherson’s sales rep.


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