A Letter From Kolo’s CEO Peter Dunn

Dear MacPherson’s Customers,

The purpose of this letter is to give you an update on Kolo and our current stock levels. In 2009 and 2010, we experienced major supply problems with several of our factories, both American and Asian.  During the economic downturn, our distributors also had to watch inventory very carefully so there was little room for service problems.

I am happy to report that all our core products are now up and running again and the problem factories were successfully replaced. We are going very deep in inventory on all of these product groups.  Demand has picked up tremendously over the past six months. To help streamline the business, we discontinued several products like the Cortina, the Riva, the Newport 12 x 12, Small Essex and other items. We plan to also cut the Essex Medium and Vineyard this year.

Our stock levels are growing everyday and MacPherson’s is also going deeper in inventory. We are sorry for the strain that these issues put on your business. Working with MacPherson’s, we hope to get your stock levels back up quickly. I am pleased to also report that the demand for Kolo remains strong and we are had a very strong first quarter.

Obviously, we held off on new product launches during this difficult time. But many exciting new products are going to be launched later in the year. Be sure to ask your MacPherson’s sales representative for a new Kolo catalog if you have not received one already.

Peter Dunn, Kolo

Peter Dunn, Kolo

Thank you for your continued support of Kolo.


Peter G. Dunn

Kolo, LLC

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