Golden News for May 2010

Tint & Glaze Poster Display Now Available to Retailers
tandgposterdisplayBased on feedback from customers, the GOLDEN Tint & Glaze Poster has proven to be a comprehensive reference tool every painter can use. With thousands of hours of paint research all on one page, the GOLDEN Tint & Glaze Poster has valuable comparative information about colors as they transform through tint and glaze mixing.
The exciting news is that the Tint & Glaze Poster Display is now available to retailers to place in their stores.
Contact your MacPherson’s sales representative to learn how easy it is to get this display!

BTS Promotions
Check out MacPherson’s BTS offerings for GOLDEN products in the BTS Buyer’s Guide on pages 35 & 77.

New GOLDEN Videos on YouTube
If you are a subscriber to the GOLDEN YouTube site then you already know about the new video that was posted recently.
If you’re not a subscriber yet, here’s the link to the video on adhering watercolor paper to panel.
Golden Youtube Channel

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s sales representative.

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