Sanford & Prismacolor May 2010 News

Be sure to put the Prismacolor Value Packs on your BTS promotion list. The SA1772994 should be promoted in place of the SA97, 24-color Prismacolor Marker Set and the SA1772993 should be promoted in place of SA3598, 48-color Prismacolor Pencil Set. The value packs are featured at promotional pricing in the 2010 BTS Buyer’s Guide and the 2010 BTS Consumer flyer. Here are the Value Pack details:
• The SA1772993 consists of the SA3598 Prismacolor Pencil Set with a free set of the SA14172, Fine Line Illustration Marker Set valued at $11.50 MSRP. This is a 15% value at MSRP to your customers.
• The SA1772994 consists of the SA97 24ct Prismacolor Marker Set in a carrying case, with a free SA1738863, 8ct. Illustration Marker Brush Set valued at $23.00 MSRP. This is a 22% value at MSRP to your customers.

The replacement for the ZSA174, 45-color Prismacolor Marker Display is the ZSA1760651. The new display is our most recent addition to the Prismacolor Universal Display program. The new display has the same 44 colors as the old display plus Jet Black, PM-211, which was not in the old assortment. This assortment has an MSRP value of $1,611.18 versus $1,718.58 for the old display. Your MacPherson’s rep has the contents and cost information.

1759417_1759417516_pcmanga_8po1 Prismacolor will introduce a new Manga Pencil Set in Q-3 of 2010 and offer a corrugate tray with our Manga Marker Sets and Pencil Set for Holiday 2010. The new pencil set is SA1774800. The holiday tray will include the SA1759444 and SA1759417.

Don’t forget to plan your Prismacolor BTS promotions around the 2010 Prismacolor Consumer Rebate. If your customer purchases $50 worth of ANY Prismacolor product or products, they can get $10 back in the form of a mail in rebate. Purchases must be made between July 15, 2010 and September 15, 2010. Your MacPherson’s representative will have a limited number of POP kits for this promotion containing 2 tear pads and 4 danglers. You and your customer can download the rebate form by visiting

MacPherson’s now offers the Paper Mate Bio Degradable Pen and pencils. The SA1757523 is a 2/cd Blue, SA1757524 is the 2/cd Black and the SA1750840 is a pack of 10 #2 Pencils.


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