Inside MacPherson’s: Emeryville, It’s Our Home!

MacMessenger is MacPherson’s very cool internal newsletter. Here is an article written by Alyssa Bardini from our HR Dept that explains the many charms of our home base.

e_marina“Ever wonder where in in heck MacPherson’s headquarters is located? Emeryville is a small town of 1.9 square miles and approximately 10,000 residents, but you’d never know it. Decidedly urban, “E’ville” is situated between Oakland and Berkeley, and is literally at the base of the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.
e_macphersonsIf asked to describe Emeryville, I’d say it has three parts. These aren’t geographic distinctions, but rather distinctions in purpose and feel – industrial, commercial, and a third category that is much harder to describe, maybe the ‘insiders’ Emeryville.
You don’t have to look far to become aware of Emeryville’s industrial past and present. There is a good deal of warehouse and industrial space close to our office, some revitalized, and some we wish would be. Train tracks bisect the city, utilized by both cargo and passenger trains.
e_pixarCommercial development has been booming in the area over the past ten to fifteen years. The popular Emeryville Public Market provides a wide variety of international foods. New, brightly colored apartments and townhouses are scattered throughout the city. The big, blue IKEA is a noticeable part of the city’s landcape. Pixar Animation Studios, Jamba Juice, Bayer, Leap Frog, and of course, MacPherson’s, are all centered here.
Some of the most interesting places in Emeryville have been created by innovative people that have repurposed industrial spaces to become one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars, shops, art studios, and more. These places are often tucked-in to their surroundings and could be easily overlooked, but are well worth finding. For example, gourmet chocolatier, Charles Chocolates, is located in an old brick building just a block away from our office and features factory tours and tastings. Semifreddi’s bakes bread to be sold to local restaurants and grocery stores as well as making great sandwiches in their shop. Periscope Cellars down the street produces wine in a WWII submarine repair facility.

e_freewayEmeryville also has some great community art to keep your eye out for. Large, colorful sculptures of active people brighten up the view under the freeway. The utility boxes here are bright yellow and feature artwork of stylized people in a variety of situations and predicaments. Newspaper stands painted by community members, including the son of MacPherson’s Customer Service Representative, Melissa Moralejo, can be seen throughout the city.
Among the urban surroundings, there are some great outdoor spots to enjoy. The city is located just on the water, with paths for running and bicycling along the edge of the bay. An exciting development for those us at MacPherson’s is a new park that is being created just behind our office. A popular community garden is located just past the park.
Aside from all the great places you’ll find within Emeryville, one of the great things about the city is its close proximity just about anything you could want. From here, you can be hiking in the hills, enjoying a major league baseball game, or shopping in San Francisco all in under twenty minutes.

Oh, and as for spots in Emeryville to buy art supplies? We are seriously limited! There are two chain locations Aaron Bros and Michaels, but no independents within easy driving distance. How about it all you creative retailing entrepreneurs? This place is crawling with artists and there’s a great art distributor just around the corner!”

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