Strathmore Artist Papers News June 2016

The newest addition to the collection of “Artist How-To” series include 3 new videos created by artist Minnie Small. In these short 2-4 minute videos, Minnie explains her tips and techniques for creating artwork using gouache. This content is great for artists just starting out with gouache, or for those who have interest in the media but need a bit of guidance on where to begin. She also demonstrates a gouache painting while narrating with tips along the way.

The 3 videos available in the gouache “Artist How-To” set include:

Video 1: Introduction to Gouache 

Video 2: General Gouache Techniques

Video 3: Gouache Time-Lapse Painting 

All of these new videos are available on Strathmore’s YouTube channel.

You can also download the videos on the Vimeo site. Simply click the “Download” button below the video.


To support consumers interested in learning about gouache, Strathmore has also created a new Art Blog posting with some additional information about the medium. The blog offers information about what gouache is, what tools and papers are needed to work with gouache, how to get started, and what gouache paint should be used for. Be sure to check out all of Strathmore’s Art Blog postings.

Additionally, Strathmore offers a quarterly newsletter which features an artist and their work in each publication, along with new product information, current consumer promotions, and frequently asked questions from StrathmoreArtist.com. It’s a great resource for artists and retail stores to keep up to date!

Along with the Artist How-To videos, Strathmore is proud to offer product videos, a brand video, archived years of Online workshop videos, and short videos answering artist frequently asked questions. All of the videos are now available on the Retailer and Distributor Tools area of Strathmore’s website! Follow Strathmore on social media to stay in touch with all of the tools available for consumer engagement and education.

Interested in learning more? Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager for ideas of how you can drive more traffic and sales with Strathmore’s Video Series.

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