Derwent Metallics Shine!

Glowing colors ideal for year round crafts

Derwent Metallic pencils are perfect for all sorts of arts and craft projects. These highly reflective colors really ‘pop’ when you use them on a black or colored background. They’re water-soluble too so you can have great fun experimenting with interesting wash effects or create iridescence effects on insects wings and fish scales in your color pencil work.

Metallic Pencil

Derwent Metallic come in 12 shimmering colors, are hexagonal and have a wide color strip inside the pencil. Available in a tin of 12, or open stock .  Derwent Metallic Pencils


Use on Derwent’s Black Pads to make the colors really shine. Each pad contains 20 sheets of acid-free, heavy (135lbs), black paper, available in 3 sizes: 6” x 8”/ 8” x 12”/ 12” x 16”.

Derwent Black Sketch Pads

A4 Black Book sml

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