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Pygmalion’s Art Supplies in Bloomington, IN celebrates the opening of their new mural entitled “Red Studio”, designed and painted by Bloomington artist, Jim Sampson. Store owner John Wilson notes that this mural project is the store’s most recent contribution to the local arts community, which they have long supported since their establishment in 1972.


Concetta Antico, Salon of Art

Concetta Antico, Salon of Art

Concetta Antico, the owner of Salon of Art in San Diego, CA,  has a very rare gift called Tetrachromacy or “Rainbow Vision”.  She can see 100 times more colors than the average person because of this genetic condition. She has more receptors in in her eyes to absorb color, enabling her to see more colors. The average person can see one million colors, whereas she can see 99 million. Read more: Tetrachromacy

Artist & Display in Milwaukee. WI will close at the end of February 2015 after nearly 83 years in business.  Owners Lynn and Jack Klein and Lynn’s sister Nora Hackenberg are planning a travel filled relaxing retirement.  We wish them all the best and are looking forward to receiving postcards from the 4 corners of the earth! In related news Artist & Display has been named the 2014 best in the Art Supplies category by the publication Express Milwaukee:  Express

Lynn, Jack, Frank & Nora

Tops Artist Supplies has been selected the best Art Supply store in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly in their October 2014 issue (Volume 36 ) issue. Congratulations to owners James and Joanna Park whose family has been running the store for 27 years.

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Texas based Independent rep Allan Franklin will be retiring at the end of 2014 and his son, Jeremy Franklin and daughter Stacey Kelley will officially take over the business.

Karen & Allan Franklin

Karen & Allan Franklin

When Frank asked Sakura what video featuring one of their products had the most hits on Vimeo or YouTube the clear winner was The Making of “Hero” from Miguel Endara. He uses Pigma Micron’s to create a portrait of his dad. Incredibly, his pointillist technique required 3.2 million dots to create a most unique face shot! 

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