Derwent Graphitint Rocks!

Give graphite subtle tones and deep rich washes!

Graphitint has the same properties as a Derwent 4B Watersoluble Sketching pencil so it will appeal to artists looking to add a colorful dimension to their graphite drawings, but retain all the familiar properties of their favorite graphite pencil. Used dry, Graphitint has a smooth drawing feel and a lovely subdued color; however they explode with excitement when you add water to give a rich vibrant color. They are extremely versatile and can be used with Derwent Graphic or Sketching pencils to add extra depth of color to your graphite work.

Graphitint 24 tin

Derwent Graphitint range comes in 24 rich, subtle shades and is water-soluble. It has a wide 8mm barrel and wide core. Available in open stock, in a blister card of 6 or in tins of 12 and 24.

For more information ask your MacPherson’s Account Manager.

Graphitint 6 blister

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