Introducing the New GOLDEN Virtual Paint Mixer!

Check it out at Golden Mixer

Mixing paints with control and getting predictable results is a skill that takes years to master. It also requires a lot of paint. Golden Artist Colors has decided to cut through this fog with the debut of the Virtual Paint Mixer.

With this fun, unique online tool, artists can mix countless paint colors, developing a feel for the correct proportions and the best colors to use. Photos can be uploaded to match colors and create palettes, getting artists closer to the colors they want faster, saving time, frustration and paint!

Once registered, users can print, e-mail and save reports with formulas and colors needed to guide purchases and direct them to nearby retailers. Users will also be able to share colors and mixes via Facebook and other social media vehicles. The mixer allows artists to choose palettes from the Fluid, OPEN and Heavy Body Acrylic product lines as well as from our Color Mixing Sets.

Artists exploring this intuitive tool have experienced success, delight and inspiration:
•  Judith: “oh what fun…but I need to paint too!”
•  André: “GREAT!! Now an iPhone app!”
•  Zelena: “Awesome!!! Have used it many times to get the right color.”
•  Betsi: “Wow. This will save so much time, and end in much better results!”

If you have questions about the new MXR, please refer those to your respective GOLDEN Sales Representative. In addition, if you’d like more information about the opportunity for retailers to incorporate this exciting new online tool into their Web sites, please contact Product Manager Dana Rice at

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