Red Hot Newsprint Tote Board Combo Pack!

As Back-to-School creeps closer, we’d like to remind you about a very special deal we’re offering on 2 of our best selling BTS items (as well as clarify a few questions about it.)  Through 9/22/12, receive our deepest discount ever on the 23″ x 26” Art Alternatives Tote Board (AA17701) and Strathmore‘s tape-bound  18″ x 24″ Newsprint Pad (SM307-818) when they are purchased together as assortment # AA17711 which contains 30 of each item.  To keep the cost to a minimum so that you can discount them deeply, the pads and tote boards will not ship packed together. Instead they will ship separately in their regular cartons and can be stacked out next to one another or combined into 1 item in store. Downloadable signage is available from Mouse over the Promotional Support tab and select Merchandising > Art Alternatives, then scroll to the very bottom of the page.

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