18 New Williamsburg Colors!

The mission of Williamsburg is to provide painters with the best quality pigments that serve as a connection to the past while continually expanding the depth and scope of the colors painters depend on.

In keeping with that tradition, Williamsburg is very proud to re-introduce 2 old favorites that had been discontinued in the past, plus 3 additions to families of pigments that help round out their spectrum of hues, and 13 French Earth Colors from the oldest operating mine and pigment supplier in France.

Returning Favorites: Two Beloved Colors Return
• Indanthrone Blue
• Green Gold

New Single Pigment Colors:  Expanding & Deepening Color Ranges
• Cadmium Purple
• Cobalt Green
• Mars Orange Deep

Introducing French Earth Colors
• French Yellow Ochre Deep
• French Ochre Havane
• French Brown Ochre
• French Burnt Ochre
• French Burnt Umber
• French Raw Umber
• French Raw Sienna
• French Light Sienna
• French Terre Verte
• French Ardoise Grey
• French Cassel Earth
• French Noir Indien
• French Rouge Indien

Orders for the new Williamsburg colors are being accepted now. Pre-order specials on French Earth Set-ups are available at an extra 15% off through May 18, 2012. Shipping begins May 14, 2012. Contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative for more details.

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