Stillman & Birn: What Artists are Saying

Here’s a selection of Artist’s blog posts giving tons of reasons Stillman & Birn’s innovative journals are taking off!
Blog:  Hudson Valley Sketches – 04/26/11

This is a Stillman & Birn 6×8″ Delta Series sketchbook. I’ve done several multi-media pages in it of this type, and it’s handled all the abuse spectacularly well. It’s very heavy paper with a heavy layer of sizing, and just enough texture, so my fountain pens seem to like it as well. As you can see from the color brilliance in the sketch above, this paper really allows the color to sit up on top and show itself well. There is no show-through from one page to the next, and the paper doesn’t buckle with my watercolor work.  I use fountain pens with various inks and waterbrushes in my sketchbooks too, so I put this book through its paces with my pens too. Hudson Valley Sketches Blog

Sketch: Sakura Koi 24-color watercolor set with waterbrush, 0.5 Platinum Preppy loaded with J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil

Ken Januski, 06/09/11 – Blog: Art, Birds, Nature

“Well I have to say I’m impressed, especially for this type of drawing. I did all sorts of erasing and yet you can hardly tell. It’s a pleasant surface to work on. And it’s nice to be able to erase and still have a clean, almost pristine surface.” Ken’s Art, Birds & Nature Blog

Mike Stevens, 05/15/11 – Blog: Book Sketching

“Stillman Birn sketchbook is great!  The quality of the paper is pretty top notch.”  Mike’s Sketching Blog

Lex Hade, 05/17/11  Blog: Studiofive-ten

“Stillman & Birn are a new series of sketchbooks made with great archival quality paper. It’s about time paper starts to matter!” Studio Five-Ten Blog

Sondy Bojanic, Blog:  Sondy Illustrates Stuff Sometimes – 04/13/11

“I think I have found my sketchbook! The quality of Stillman & Birn paper and the natural white and ivory toned paper options sold me.  Right now I have the Delta series which has extra heavy ivory paper. It’s nice enough to use on final work.” Sondy Illustrates Stuff Sometimes Blog

Blog: WetCanvas Blogger: JamieWG  – 05/02/11

“I am so impressed with all five sketchbooks in the Stillman and Birn lineup that I can’t even choose a favorite. The S&B books come in so many different sizes and styles that it’s hard to pick one, but the good news is that you really can’t go wrong with any of them.” Jamie WG -Wet Canvas Blog

Blog: WetCanvas Blogger: Big Foot – 03/07/11

“A cool line of sketchbooks.. high end.. is from Stillman and Birn.  I think these might exceed the gsm/weight quality of the relatively new (also quite nice) Stonehenge Wired pads. The Stillman and Birn books are special occasion sketchbooks for me. They are archival quality papers – bound in sketchbooks. 100 lb and 180 lb papers with good/archival quality GSMs..and wirebound! Where else do you find something like that? unless you DIY.  The most extraordinary books I have come across have to be the Stillman and Birn sketchbooks.” Big Foot Wet Canvas Blog

The 180 lb paper is really amazing. What can I say? I have never worked with paper this dense and thirsty and lovely in a sketchbook. There are different textures depending on whether you choose the vellum or the more rough paper as well. 180 lb in both forms is perfect for all inks, paints.. mixed media, all sorts of washes and demanding media of all kinds. These books are just very different. it’s worth reading about the company and its history too. I am unabashed.. 🙂

Blog: Wet Canvas Blogger:  RainySea – 05/13/11

“I tested and like the Venezia, too, but am tending to think that I may like a couple of the Stillman & Birn a bit better because of better/different saturation of the inks.” Rainy Sea Wet Canvas Blog


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