Sanford July 2010 News


  • Your MacPherson’s rep has received a LIMITED supply of 2010 Consumer Rebate POP Kits. Contact your rep to get a kit. The rebate coupon itself is downloadable from
  • A black and white pdf of the rebate coupon is available for posting on your web site. Please email Dan Canny at if you would like that file emailed to you.
  • We hope you plan to enter the 2nd annual Prismacolor BTS Merchandising Contest. We had many outstanding entries in 2009. I have included pictures from the three winners. Let’s make it even harder than it was in 2009 for our judges to choose winners in 2010.
  • Be on the lookout for a new Manga set from Prismacolor that will launch in September of this year. It will consist of eighteen selected Prismacolor Thick Core Pencils and five Verithin Colors. Our consumer work at Comic Con type shows revealed that many of these artists use Prismacolor markers and pencils.


  • Don’t forget to order the retail canister displays from Prismacolor and Sharpie. The Prismacolor Canister SA1773594 features 36 of the 0.5 Black Fine Line Illustration Marker and the SA1773596 features 36 of the Black Brush Tip Marker. The Sharpie Canisters feature the Sharpie Pen Family; SA1758393 features the original Sharpie Pen, SA1760176 features the newest member of the Sharpie Pen family the Sharpie Pen Grip and the SA1765430 features the Sharpie Pen RT (retractable). Each canister has 36 pieces. All five canister displays are ideal for generating incremental impulse sales at BTS and throughout the year.


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