Chartpak News for July 2010; The Deals Abound!

Check out Chartpak‘s great deals in MacPherson’s Fall Back to School Promotion for 2010.



  • All Grumbacher Brushes and Brush Sets at 50/40/15%
  • All Grumbacher “Color” ranges at 50/25%
  • Grumbacher Basic, Master and Everyday Sets at 50/15%
  • Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/10/5%
  • “New” Grumbacher Palette Knives at 50/15%
  • “New” Grumbacher Vine Charcoal at 50/15%
  • All Ad Markers and Sets, Including the “new” “Fine Point” Ad Markers at 50/25%

25finetipChartpak’s new Fine Point Ad Marker comes with a precise marker nib designed for detail work, lettering and outlining. The new Fine Point Ad Marker is available in the 25 most popular colors. Upgrade your existing Spinner Rack with the CHADRETRO (Includes 6 each of the 25 new Fine Point Markers, and Graphic Signage to upgrade your display.)

  • Koh-I-noor Rapidograph 7 Pen Sets at 50/30/5%
  • Koh-I-noor Rapidograph Pens, Point and selected sets at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Rapioeze Pen Cleaners at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Dry Cleaning Pad at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Art Sets at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Artists Blocks at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Mechanical Pencils and Accessories at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Toison D’or Hardmuth Graphite Pencils at 60/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Hardmuth Artist Drawing Sets at 50/15%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Graphite Pencils at 50/10%
  • Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets at 50/25%
  • Koh-I-noor Triocolor Colored Pencils at 50/10%
  • Pelikan Watercolor Sets at 50/10/5%
  • Schmincke Mussini Oil Color at 50/10%
  • All Clearprint at 50/25%
  • All Pickett and Rapidesign Templates at 50/10/5%

higinkasst2Higgins Ink at 60%

  • Higgins now has two new racks available, with beautiful, new graphics. There are 20 unit and 40 unit assortments available.

DROP SHIPS (Include free rack and free freight)

  • All Grumbacher Color Assortments at 50/35%
  • All Grumbacher Brush Assortments at 70/25%
  • graphite-displayKoh-I-noor Graphite Pencil Assortment at 50/15%
  • All Ad Marker Assortments (“New Assortments”, including the “New” “Fine Point” Ad Markers) at 60/20%
  • Schmincke Mussini Oil 37ml Assortments (48 color and 101 color) at 60/5%
  • All Pickett and Rapidesign Template Assortments at 50/25%

Please contact your MacPherson’s Sales Rep, or Steve Rossney ( for details.

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