New Art Alternatives Portfolios in Stock Now

aaportfoliogroupOur take on the portfolio market is that it’s changing. Gone are the days when artists and models wanted fancy portfolio and presentations cases. Today it’s all about function and value. And what about the importance of brand? Eh! Not a big deal right now. That’s why we challenged our sourcing team to come up with functional and smart selection of competitively-priced portfolios just in time for the critical back-to-school selling season. Art Alternatives showed off this new line of student portfolios & presentation cases at the NAMTA show in Indianapolis, and the response shocked even the most jaded Art Dogs among us! If you didn’t see them there, check them out online. Our selection includes the Tote Board+Portfolio Combo, the Academy Presentation Cases and Portfolios, and the newest additions, our Artist Double Zipper and New Classic Edition portfolios.

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