Hot Deals from MacPherson’s

MacPherson’s purchasing and creative services teams produce and send out a Hot Deals drop ship promos e-mail to customers who have “opted in” to our marketing e-mail list. Below is summary of the latest copy. The actual e-mail is a pictorial “teaser” that has hot links through to the complete details located on our web site.

  • Grumbacher Finest Artists’ Watercolors Assortment Display
  • Jacquard Pearl-Ex .1 oz. Jars Assortment Displays
  • Kolo Small Book Spinner Assortment Display
  • Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink Assortment Displays
  • Pentel Hyper-G Retractable Liquid Gel Pen Assortment Display
  • Polyform Studio by Sculpey Planogram Assortment
  • Rembrandt/Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Series Assortment Displays
  • Winsor & Newton 40-Color 200ml Artists’ Oil Color Assortment Display
  • Canson FanBoy Entry Level Manga Assortment
  • Golden’s Digital Mixed Media Bundles

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