In Memoriam; Alan Lanny Rosenbaum

Lanny Rosenbaum & Deb Duffy

Lanny Rosenbaum & Deb Duffy

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of our friend and colleague Lanny Rosenbaum. As many of you know, Lanny had been fighting a courageous battle against pancreatic cancer for the past two years. He died yesterday—October 26, 2009.

Lanny joined the Blick family in 1997 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his 12 years with the company, he was instrumental in identifying and developing a variety of catalog, internet, and private label growth opportunities. Despite his health challenges, Lanny continued to be a driving force within Blick over the past two years. As recently as September of this year, he participated in the company’s annual strategic planning meeting and continued directing Blick’s online video initiatives. He also spearheaded the planning of Blick’s 100th anniversary celebration, which begins in 2010.

While at Blick, Lanny also developed strong external friendships with our merchandise vendors, printing and production suppliers, mailing list brokers, and creative agencies—relationships that continue to serve us well.

For the past two years, Lanny and his wife, Deborah, have been living in Darby, Montana, with their two dogs, Rojo and Azul. Lanny loved the outdoors, the animals, and the opportunity and ability to build and enjoy his “Big Sky” residence with Deborah.

I know many of you interacted with Lanny over the years. He was a fair and honest person, and I’m proud to have known him and worked with him as part of Blick’s executive team. We will miss his vision, his enthusiasm, and his passion. I know you join me, our Board of Directors, and your Blick associates in extending our heartfelt condolences to Lanny’s family and wide circle of friends and business associates.

Lanny is survived by his wife Deborah Duffy, two daughters, a son, two grandchildren, a sister, and mother Evelyn Rosenbaum.

A memorial service in the Chicago area is being planned, details of which will be communicated when they have been finalized. Lanny and Deborah’s wishes for charitable contributions will also be communicated at that time (no flowers, please).



Robert Buchsbaum
Chief Executive Officer


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