Chartpak News – Great Deals in MacPherson’s 2009 Holiday Promotion!

wooden-box-openGrumbacher Cherry Wood Paint Sets (Available in Academy Acrylic, Academy Oil and Max Water Soluble Oil) at 50/15% (57.5%)

acadoilholsetGrumbacher Messenger Bag Gift Sets – These unique, new sets are available in Academy Acrylic or Academy Oil. The sets come with 3 brushes, 2 palette knives, 6 tubes of paint and a 16”X13” Messenger Bag. The set is valued at $70. The “special retail” of $49.95 provides a tremendous value to retailers and consumers.

Grumbacher Selected Color Sets at 50/15%

Grumbacher Watercolor Pan Sets at 50/10%

Grumbacher Packaged Brush Sets at 70/10%

Grumbacher “New” Palette Knives – Grumbacher’s new plastic Palette and Painting Knives are like nothing offered in our industry. Molded from hard-wearing ABS plastic, these knives won’t corrode or rust like traditional metal knives. They are 10” in length, and are lightweight with excellent balance for all day use. They are solvent-safe, easy to clean and can be used with all mediums. Each knife has the appropriate flexibility for shape and purpose. The “New” Grumbacher Palette and Painting Knives come in 6 shapes, and are offered at 50/10%

fa3896polycolorsetKoh-I-noor Toison D’or Extra Soft Pastel Sets – These beautiful, soft pastels have a consistent “feel” from color to color. They are available in 12 and 24 sets at 50/35%

Koh-I-noor Gioconda Pastel Pencil Sets – These pastel pencils are excellent quality. The pencils are available in 12, 24 and 48 color sets at 50/25%

Koh-I-noor Triocolor Colored Pencils – These unique, large, triangular “Artist Grade” Colored Pencils are offered in sets of 12 and 24 at 50/10%

Koh-I-noor Drawing Pencil and Pastel Sets – These beautifully packaged “tins” come in many sizes and configurations to satisfy any artist’s needs. They make a great Holiday gift and are available at 50/10%

Pelikan Watercolor Sets – These watercolor sets are of great quality, and an excellent value. Available in Transparent 12 and 24, Opaque 12 and 24, and a small travel set, at 50/10/5%

Chartpak Ad Marker Travel Sets – These unique sets come with a free travel case that holds 25 markers. They are available in a Basic set of 12, and a Manga set of 12, at 50/25%

schm_set_2009Schmincke Color Sets – Schmincke is a “Super-Premium Line” color company from Germany. We are offering a selection of their best sets. Included are a Mussini Resin Oil 8 color set in a wooden box, a Norma Professional Oil cardboard box set of 8 tubes and a Norma Professional Oil Wooden Box set of 10 tubes. Also available are a Cardboard Pastel Set of 90, and a Metal Set with 10 Sanfi sheets. Horadam Watercolor offers a Slimline Metal set with 12 half pans, and a Leather Case set with 12 colors. All Schmincke sets are offered at 50/10%

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