Check Out Elmer’s Fall & Holiday Advertising Blitz

Need some help stimulating sales?  Elmer’s is investing big in national advertising, so it could pay big dividends for art supply retailers to plan ahead. Take advantage of the most extensive range of arts and crafts national advertising and promotions that Elmer’s Products has ever scheduled.

Here are some of the categories and details:

Elmer’s Craft Bond® Media Plan
•         NEW Print Advertising
•         Today’s Creative Home Arts starting September 2009 and running through the end of the year
•         Internet : Banner Ads & Facebook (Elmer’s Crafter’s are now on Facebook & Twitter)
–        Directed to paper crafting and scrapbooking profiles
•         Total Impressions 3,436,000

Scrapbook Memories TV Show Sponsorship
•         Corporate sponsor of Scrapbook Memories – 2009 airings of 13 episodes on PBS
•         800,000 viewers per show
•         Products featured through project demonstrations
•         Elmer’s very own Marketing Manager Lisa Singer is part of the show

Editorial Program
•         52% of crafters get their project ideas from magazines
•         Consumers are over 3 times more likely to be influenced by editorial content than by advertising
•         Elmer’s Craft Bond – strongly supports craft magazine editorial programs with an outside agency that specializes in craft project placements and has strong connections within the craft industry
–        2007 = 43 projects placed in magazines such as Today’s Creative Home Arts, Crafts n Things, and Decorating Digest, generating over 12 million impressions
–        2008 = 73 projects placed generating over 33 million impressions
–        2009 = Goal 10% increase over 2008
–        2010 = Goal to exceed 40 million impressions

When Creativity Knocks
•         Corporate sponsorships of When Creativity Knocks Summer Season 2009
•         Innovative 8- 10 minute craft segment webisodes
•         Each project features a theme that incorporates manufacturer’s products
•         Since viewers can watch at their leisure, they can repeat the shows as often as they like
•         Connects with consumers through Twitter

Partnerships with key editors and craft influential’s is extremely important for the craft industry
–        Gain endorsement/trust and provide inspiration for the crafters
•         Cindy Groom-Harry – Craft Consultant and CHA Board Member
•         Julie McGuffee – Scrapbook Memories TV host/Craft Expert/Blogger
•         Mark Montano – Celebrity Crafter/Author/Blogger
•         Ana Arujo – When Creativity Knocks host/Craft Expert

•         Revitalized website launched – August 2009
•         Project database targeted to both general crafters and papercrafters
•         Video clips of projects demonstrations
•         Craft It! With Elmer’s initiated to communicate directly with crafters
•         Craft club initiated August 2009
•         Goal: Establish one on one communication with crafters
•         Elmer’s CB ad within Today’s Creative Home Arts helped us gain 700 participants already!
•         Will start communications with first newsletter in November featuring:: Get ready for holiday gift giving-make something yourself!

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