September 2009 Elmer’s News

Want to generate customer interest and sales in some new and innovative products?  Then check out these unique product offerings from Elmer’s.  All items are featured in MacPherson’s Holiday Buyer’s Guide.

☆  Mythbusters Science Kits

These new activity kits contain all the essential supplies needed to perform scientific experiments that will help prove or disprove many popular myths relating to flight, water and air pressure. Just as on the popular TV show, trial and error will be used to test various theories;  some will work and some will be busted. Designed for ages 9 and up, the Mythbusters sets feature a common price point and are perfect for holiday end cap or in-line presentation.

xa_1670-hr☆  X-ACTO School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener
This is the first electric sharpener designed for the heavy use of the school classroom. The unit features a quiet, heavy-duty motor and sharpens wood, composite, and recycled pencils. t is designed with a clear, extra large shavings receptacle and has an adjustable dial that conforms to regular or thick children’s pencils. The School Pro also has an automatic pencil stop to eliminate over sharpening. It is assembled in the United States and carries a full 2 year warranty. This is a superior product well suited for the artist, student, or teacher looking for a high performance sharpener.

xa_26642-lr☆  X-ACTO Wood Laser Trimmer
Combines the precision of the laser guide with the strength of the wood base. The laser shows exactly where to line up the paper for a precise cut every time, while the heavy wood base eliminates the need to steady the base before cutting. The trimmer features easy to read guidelines for guaranteed precision and ergonomic handles to make cutting easy.

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