New Items Program – Select Lines to be Centrally Stocked

MacPherson’s has just implemented a new program to help improve in-stocks on new items. Going forward, select new items that are UPS-able will be centrally warehoused in our Elgin, IL Distribution Center. What does this mean to you if your normal DC is Atlanta or Reno? If any of these new products are included on your order, they will automatically be split from the PO and sent separately from Elgin. Whether the order is entered via PDA, EDI, Online Express, phoned in or faxed, our system will split your order into two shipments. Because of Elgin’s terrific geographic location orders should be reunited at your store with very little delay. The two order numbers will be the same, differentiated only by the usual beginning letter designation that indicates the shipping DC. For example, N1234567 will be the portion shipped from Reno and E1234567 the portion shipped from Elgin. More good news! The Elgin order will be sent prepaid and you will not be responsible for freight! The remaining portion of your order will be shipped from your normal DC, subject to our current Freight Policy based on the order value of the combined orders.
This new service will allow us to make a smaller inventory investment while we gauge the true nation-wide demand for new products and lines. We will continuously monitor the demand so that the new items can be added to your usual DC as soon as it is warranted. Our simple goal is to provide higher fill rates through better forecasting and lower inventory carrying costs.
Look for for this new message on your your order confirmation and invoices:
Your order included items not stocked in your default warehouse. We have split your order so that these items will arrive from our central warehouse at no shipping cost to you. Your order will arrive on our order numbers NXXXXXXX-XX and EXXXXXXX-XX.
New lines that are or will soon be centrally stocked in our Elgin, IL DC are:
New BORDEN & RILEY paper items
New CRAYOLA items
Daler-Rowney’s new Langton Prestige paper
New WALTER FOSTER books & kits
GAMBLIN Etching Inks
New KOLO items
New LETRASET items
Pantone Replacement Sheets

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