Chartpak News for June 2009

Grumbacher unveiled its new, plastic Painting Knives at the recent NAMTA Trade Show in Louisville. These unique painting knives are larger and significantly stiffer than anything currently offered. The consensus was that these new knives were a “must-have”, and almost all said they would carry them in their stores.


The new Grumbacher Painting Knives feature:
+  Hard-wearing ABS plastic; won’t corrode or rust
+  Non-glaring, neutral off-white tone for enhanced color mixing capability
+  Lightweight, with excellent balance
+  Large, easy to hold handle, with a convenient indentation for more control when needed
+  Solvent safe, easy to clean, and usable with all mediums
+  Perfect for mixing impasto techniques, and multi media needs
+  10” long knives are available in six essential shapes for any palette or painting need

The knives are available in the following six shapes:
+  Trowel
+  Large Painting Knife
+  Small Painting Knife
+  Painting Spatula
+  Large Palette Knife
+  Small Palette Knife
The new Grumbacher Painting Knives come in a Counter Top Merchandiser with 12 each of the 6 shapes. The retail for these new knives is $1.95, a very attractive price-point. They are also available in a blister-carded set of 6, for $10.95. The knives will be available in Mid-July. Please contact your MacPherson’s sales rep or Steve Rossney  at for details.

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