Another Supplier Rethinks MAP

We received a letter from Artograph’s President Don Dow announcing that effective immediately Artgraph would discontinue its Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) program. This is the second such letter we have gotten in the last month (Logan was the first.) And we heard at the NAMTA show in Louisville, KY that many other manufacturers are reconsidering the merits of these kinds of efforts to control brand-destroying price wars. Don Dow pointed out that Maryland recently passed a law that prohibits manufacturers from requiring state retailers from charging a set minimum price for their products. Thirty other states are considering similar legislation.
For further information on this new law go to Wall Street Journal Reports. This will be a hotly debated topic in the coming months as the negative effects of the economy cause everyone to reexamine all aspects of the consumer’s experience, from pricing, branding, merchandising and more in hopes of finding ways to revive sales.


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