Montana Hardcore Marker Demo, Louisville, KY

Bill Cavanagh of CC Lowell in Worcester, MA approached me at the NAMTA convention last week with a simple proposition. Any new product that we introduce ought to have a short YouTube demo video that retailers can use in email blast marketing (Constant Comment) to educate customers and thereby create interest and ultimately sales. There is a beautiful simplicity to the idea and what better place to test it out than at the mother of all art supply gatherings, the annual NAMTA convention.

So I whipped out my Lumix point and shoot camera, with HD video capability, and shot Mel Waters doing a “bubble” letter style marker demo. Short and sweet, it gets the job done. Judge for yourself and feel free to visit the YouTube site to get the embed code so you can start using in your own “guerilla marketing”. Oh, and don’t forget to order the hot Hardcore Markers that Mel is showing off!

FYI, note on the the “HD” button on the YouTube menu bar. Click it if you have fast internet connection to get a much higher quality image.

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