Golden News – May 2017

QoR Tubes

Reinvigorating the QoR® Watercolor Brand

In February Golden Artist Colors introduced an investment in pricing and consumer marketing to reinvigorate the QoR Watercolor brand. The long term success of QoR watercolor is a key pillar within the Golden Artist Colors vision. The brand’s patented Aquazol® binder, which enables high pigment concentration and increased application options, and its line of innovative watercolor grounds are loved by many artists who have tried the brand. Due to significant premium pricing and the introduction of an entirely new brand identity (QoR), the QoR brand was not delivering the consumer adoption rates that GOLDEN, or you, desire. To reset QoR on a growth trajectory of significant scale, GOLDEN is introducing an integrated long term investment strategy that combines a pricing recalibration with an amplified consumer marketing plan. Through these efforts it is our firm belief that the QoR brand will be recognized as one of the most important contributions to watercolor artists and to all artists that want to reach a new level of possibilities of performance, depth of color and permanence.

As part of that initiative, on May 6th, 2017 the MSRP on QoR will be reduced by 15%.  This investment is designed to maintain a price premium that Golden believes is warranted by product differentiation and performance, while making the brand more accessible to new users.  Below you will see the new pricing by series.

By now you should all be aware of the specific key areas of focus that have been put in place for this effort. Please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative for any additional questions that you might have. Thank you for your continued support of all the GOLDEN brands.

GOLDEN Attendance at Upcoming MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop (DWS)

GOLDEN is looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming MacPherson’s Dealer Workshop in Anaheim, CA!

Join Golden Artist Colors for a fast moving, one hour session, designed to reintroduce our non-color products. This session will include hands-on activities that will give you a fresh understanding of the powerful capabilities available when using GOLDEN’s Gels, Pastes, Mediums, and Varnishes.

Explore the versatility of these products through techniques like monoprinting, image transfers, wood staining, fiberglass structures, floorcloths, mural protection, and hard edge techniques. Restore your understanding of these important products to help stimulate incremental sales of GOLDEN colors, just in time for your non-color store resets.

  • Date: June 6th – 8th
  • Location: Wyndham Garden Grove
  • Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm (Santa Rosa Ballroom, B2)

GOLDEN Introduces Four New Certified Working Artists

Golden Artist Colors continues to invest in artist education by bringing 4 exciting artists into its Working Artists network. These artists will participate in extensive training on GOLDEN products from July through the end of 2017, and will be ready to conduct lecture demos in 2018 in their geographies. Please reach out to your GOLDEN Representative if you have 2018 lecture/demo opportunities in Texas or Utah!

  • Maureen Seeba: Houston, TX
  • Jenny Granberry: Austin / San Antonio, TX
  • Justin Burns, Fort Worth / Dallas, TX
  • Stacy Phillips, Salt Lake City, UT

Golden Artist Colors “Lifts” Artists as National Sponsor of O+ Festival

Haverhill, MA, Poughkeepsie, NY, and Kingston, NY

Involved with the O+ Festival for the last several years, GOLDEN has decided to enhance its support of the organization in 2017 not only by providing mural artists with expertise from its Materials & Application Specialists team, but with a donation of materials for the murals in three festival cities as well. GOLDEN will also be providing funds for Optometry care for visual artists and defraying lift costs in each of the cities.

O+ Festival is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers whose mission is to build long-term relationships between artists and health and wellness providers to help strengthen local communities. The organization’s year-round efforts culminate in a weekend long celebration, during which artists and musicians create and preform in exchange for a variety of wellness services donated by local doctors, dentists and complementary care providers. The entire community experiences the healing power of art and music as well as wellness education offerings that take place throughout the weekend. Through the creative local exchange of art and music for diverse holistic care, O+ has been able to bring awareness and meaningful care to those in need while boosting its community’s economy. To learn more about the O+ Festival, visit

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