ColArt November 2016 News

arches-lifestyle-watercolour-cold-pressed-block-2NEW Arches Watercolour Paper Video!

Made in France exclusively from cotton, Arches Watercolour is a paper made from long fibers that give it strength, beauty and an inimitable feel. Naturally protected against the acids in the environment, Arches Watercolour does not yellow, and guarantees the lasting beauty of your works. Made the traditional way, on a cylinder mould, Arches Watercolour has a harmonious natural grain. The fibers are evenly distributed, making the paper more stable, with very limited deformation. Each sheet is torn off by hand, leaving four deckle edges. They are subjected to a final visual inspection and only the best sheets are retained. Arches is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper “to the core”. Gelatin sizing allows scraping without tearing. It preserves the luster and transparency of the colours while preventing paints penetrating into the thickness of the paper. Arches Watercolour paper can absorb a considerable quantity of water without warping or causing the colours to bleed. Arches Watercolour is available in three textures: cold press, hot press and rough, in 5 weights, and multiple formats: sheets, blocks, pads, rolls. Contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager for more details.

Check out the Arches watercolour paper video on YouTube



5 NEW colors matched across acrylic Ink, Soft Body & Heavy Body

Liquitex doesn’t take no for an answer. After all, challenging the established ways of doing things is in their DNA. It’s how they invented the first acrylic paints in 1955. It’s why they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible ever since. Liquitex torture-tests products in their lab to ensure they defy every norm. The Special Release Muted Collection is no exception. Grey, Pink, Turquoise, Green and Violet – get to grips with perfect color matching and intermixability. The ink, soft body and heavy body work seamlessly together. Liquitex gets technical so you can get creative.


For the first time, Liquitex introduces a color collection! The range consists of 5 colors matched across 3 ranges (Heavy Body, Soft Body and Ink). These unique tones have been inspired by 2016 trends. Each color has a muted, subtle character and together are a tonal palette.



The special release collection includes 5 new colors available in ink, soft body and heavy body, as well as 3 color collection sets. All loose colors come in a high quality cardboard packaging featuring a beauty shot of the color on the front. Each set contains the 5 colors in the range and 1 set of 5 collection cards (identical for all sets) in a high quality premium package with a matte finish. There are 19 skus total: 1 Counter Top Unit, 15 loose colors, and 3 sets. All SKUs were launched September 2016, with availability through the end of 2017.

Link to Video:

Winsor & Newton launches exclusive online videos: Masterclass – Learning tools for artists

Winsor & Newton is proud to present their online video series: Masterclass. This free online resource features professionals from around the world demonstrating techniques, sharing specialist knowledge and insights into working with the finest materials.  Topics covered will include – Understanding Oil Whites, Understanding Oil Blacks, and Titanium White vs. Zinc White. To learn more about the Masterclass videos please visit the Winsor & Newton website.

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