New Georgian Water-Mixable Oils

DalerWamo37mlCobaltBlueHue110TubeIn stock now at a special open stock price exclusively through MacPherson’s.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • U.K. made
  • Available in 40 colors for 37ml & 9 colors for 200ml
  • $6.59 for 37ml(Item numbers: DA119037009 – DA1190377034) & $16.99 for 200ml sized tubes(Item numbers:DA119200009 – DA119200034)
  • There is no price increase on Georgian Water Mixable Oils for 2016

The Georgian Water Mixable Oils are smooth & easy to use with a brush or a palette knife. The heavily pigmented mixable brilliant colors are consistent from wet to dry and have versatile usage with any oil medium. Add water to the oils to create watercolor effects. Because they are fully water-soluble, use the colors for underpainting, just add water to get thin transparent colors. Depending on how thick the underpainting is applied, the oils will dry within hours. The Georgian Water Mixable Oils dry at the same drying rate as other oils. They easily clean up with water, no solvents and are low odor. Perfect for oil painting classes in Colleges and Universities, this is a great oil paint at one single value price point for each sized tube.

Log in to MacPhersonArt.com and order now. Special WBTS Open Stock discount of 66.25% off $2.22 net for 37ml size tubes and $5.73 net per tube for the 200ml sized tube in DC’s.

Questions? Please contact your MacPherson’s Rep or Daler-Rowney Western Sales Manager Charlotte Hampton.

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