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Strathmore is excited to introduce new items to meet consumer’s needs and requests. This WBTS marks the arrival of the NEW Strathmore® 100 Series Black Chalk pads, and in response to customer demand, the NEW size of Strathmore® 400 Series Colored Pencil pad.

100 Series Black Chalk:


Black surfaces continue to trend upward in consumer interest, as it allows artists to create dramatic effects. Now artists of all ages can enjoy carefree creativity anywhere with Strathmore’s new Black Chalk paper. Bound in a convenient tape binding, this pad also features a special project sheet on the inside cover, offering young artists inspiration and instruction on how to create a finished piece with this product.

Black Chalk Art Project for Kids

Black Chalk Art Project for Kids

The Black Chalk paper itself is a very unique surface. The rough surface is a great choice for chalk, chalk markers, pastels, opaque and gel pens. The sturdy 18 point base stock also offers stability inside or outside of the pad. One of the most unique features of this item is that many dry media (specifically chalks) can actually be wiped off of the surface using a damp cloth. This will create a “weathered” look, similar to what you might remember from your old school classroom. 100 Series Black Chalk pad will begin shipping November 16, 2015 from Strathmore.

Strathmore 100 Series Black Chalk Pad features include:

  • Rich black colored paper, with a unique coated surface.
  • Rough surface.
  • Many dry media can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Durable tape binding.
  • Acid free.
  • Pad includes a fun project instruction sheet on inside cover.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in 9” x 12” pad.

400 Series Colored Pencil:


It can be difficult and intimidating choosing the right quality paper specifically for colored pencil, especially for a newcomer. To make it easier for all artists to enjoy this versatile medium, we are now offering Colored Pencil paper in convenient wire bound pads.

Colored Pencil drawing by Brian Scott

Colored Pencil drawing by Brian Scott

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil Paper provides a clean white, toothy surface that is ideal for a variety of colored pencil techniques. Smooth, even coverage can be achieved, and the heavy weight combined with the vellum surface allows for the application of multiple layers. The durable surface can stand up to repeated erasures and reworking. It is also excellent for use with pencil, charcoal, and sketching stick. Our 400 Series Colored Pencil 6” x 8” pad will begin shipping November 16, 2015 from Strathmore.

Strathmore 400 Series Colored Pencil features include:

  • Clean white colored paper.
  • Medium surface.
  • Stand up to repeated erasing and reworking.
  • Durable wire binding.
  • “Actual Size” sheets.
  • Acid free.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in NEW 6” x 8”, 9” x 12”, 11” x 14”, or 18” x 24”


Both 100 Series Black Chalk and 400 Series Colored Pencil pads are featured on promotion, which runs through Strathmore’s Winter Back To School season ending January 15, 2016. Learn how these new items can increase the productivity of your retail space by contacting your MacPherson’s sales representative today! Also, be sure to connect with Strathmore Artist Papers online at and through social media outlets to stay informed on up to the second information.

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