Copic Stock Levels Update


Dear Copic Retailer,
I know that there is concern about the lack of Copic product coming from us right now. I wish to offer you an explanation and to do that I will do my best to try and clearly outline the situation at hand.

The problem, albeit a good problem to have, is that the demand for Copic continues to grow at a rapid rate. Most of you are experiencing this on your own and reporting back to us growth rates well into the double digits. III has been growing steadily, however, over the past 6-8 months we have seen some dramatic increases in demand. I would like to congratulate all of you, and our marketing and sales teams on a job well done. However, this wonderful growth is creating some significant challenges for our manufacturing partner, Too Marker Products Inc., in Japan.

As you know, Copic prides itself on quality and consistency. These high standards come at a premium and can only be maintained through consistent manufacturing processes. Increasing the production of Copic is not just about building another machine or increasing production speed, it’s about people. A lot of human hands touch Copic products before they get to you. Ramping up production requires many, many months and very heavy commitments by Too Marker.

We have almost daily discussions with the manufacturer on how to better plan and how to be more prepared for continued increases in demand.

I promise you, everyone is working hard to improve the situation.

In June, Too Marker was able to increase production for both Sketch and Ciao by 20%. By the end of this year, Sketch should be at another 20% increase, and we will continue to push for more.

Please believe the fact that we want to provide the inventory necessary to keep every one in stock.

Like you, our reserves are depleted as we are shipping out the instant product is received. We anticipate that normalcy will start to take shape after the first of the year.

The action plan from Too Marker Products Inc. is this:

An allotment system has been established to cover us over the next 3-4 months. Starting in August, we will know exactly what colors will be shipped to us and when they will arrive at our facility. This communication has not previously been in place, which has added to the frustration in getting you the information that you need.

We are working with Too Marker’s production team to prioritize all of our needs.

What can you do to help? The biggest help to us is to please be patient and kind. Our customer service people are receiving a lot of angry calls, and it doesn’t help. We care about all of you and we already feel bad that we can’t get you product in a timely manner. III is about people. Our relationships with our customers and our partners, like you, are what matter most to us. We are a business just like you, and we are keenly aware that without product, neither of us can make sales. Please keep in mind that our production levels have not dropped, the demand has just grown.

I appreciate your understanding and support. I am available to discuss this with any of you, at any time. Know that we care about you and your business and that we are doing everything we possibly can to get things back in order.

Congratulations to all of us for making Copic one of the most highly demanded products in the industry. Now we need to overcome all of the challenges that come along with it.

Best Regards,

John Darland, President

Copic/Imagination International Inc.

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