Two New Videos from GOLDEN!

Buy Big & Save Video

color tubes horizontal

This fun video shows artists the benefits of buying in larger sizes, including saving time and money, as well as reducing packaging waste. The Buy Big & Save video is a great way to promote the value of larger sizes on your website or in social media during the GOLDEN Buy Big & Save promotional period.


Other digital assets are available through MacPherson’s or your GOLDEN Sales Representative, including images and text for e-mail or social media marketing.  Here’s an example:

“BUY MORE, SAVE MORE on GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics. With each step up in size, your cost per ounce goes down. Save 20-40% per ounce by stepping up to the next size!”

OPEN Blending Video


A short primer on blending techniques using OPEN Acrylics. This video shows how adding slow-drying products to the palette is a great way for artists to expand their capabilities.

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