Make Calligraphy Pop with Jacquard’s Pearl Ex Pigments

Calligraphy is arguably the most enduring ancient art form. Now, in the age of social media, it is experiencing a major renaissance. See this month’s trend report on Hand Lettering. That is exactly what Jacquard has seen with their Pearl Ex pigments (Jacquard’s line of over 30 metallic/pearlescent mica pigments), which in recent years experienced an incredible surge in popularity, particularly among calligraphers. Search #PearlEx hashtag on Instagram, and the majority of the thousands of images that you will see will be of beautifully penned words, sparkling and shiny in well-lit videos or stills.

jac0620Calligraphers are particularly fond of metallic colors. So much so that many of them banded together to ask Jacquard to produce a particularly hot color: Rose Gold. Jacquard worked with Joi Hunt, an acclaimed calligrapher from the greater Chicago area, to produce this beautiful new color. Rose Gold is included in Jacquard’s incredibly popular Metallic Calligraphy Set (JAC0620), Jacquard’s Lumiere acrylics line and is also available as an open stock Pearl Ex pigment.

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Joi says “A whole new generation of artists are bringing new ideas and a fresh take on historical scripts, making them current and relevant.  New mediums and inks are being used to the delight of calligraphers the world over.  Most importantly, the public, and potential clients, are appreciating calligraphy and are seeking out well skilled calligraphers.” The art form is flourishing in the forms of font design, invitations, hand lettered logo design, announcements, graphic design, maps and much more, and Pearl Ex is right in the middle of it all!

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Indeed, Pearl Ex is Jacquard’s most versatile product line – it can be added to acrylics, oils, printing inks, encaustics, alcohol inks, epoxy, glues, casting resins, clay, varnish and much more. Pearl Ex is a safe, inert pigment that exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. It is an essential material for any artist, whenever a metallic or pearlescent effect is desired.

Take a look inside Joi Hunt’s studio to see how she mixes Pearl Ex, Gum Arabic and water to create her calligraphy ink using the following link: 


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